TV lan connection

  Belfix 16:39 01 Apr 2009

Is there such a thing..just got a Sony TV that has a normal lan cable port. My present network is upstairs - a dlink router connected to a desktop pc, a network hard drive, and to a cable modem which connects to the outside world. Also connected wirelessly to the previous is a laptop pc. Any ideas how I can connect the tv in the lounge to the network without trailing a lan cable around the house. Is there such a cable/unit that do this wirelessly? There is also a usb port which does not recognise a usb/wireless adaptor only straightforward memory sticks.
Here's hoping????

  Belfix 16:58 01 Apr 2009

the laptop has a lan thinks can i connect the laptop directly to via a lan cable to the tv and use the laptop as a "passthru" to the network??
just dreaming..

  ambra4 17:08 01 Apr 2009

What is the model no of the tv

  Belfix 19:33 01 Apr 2009

Sony KDL-40W5710 which I believe is the same spec as a KDL-40W5500 except that the former is only supposed to be from Sony Centers and has a "silver" speaker grill as opposed to black

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:10 01 Apr 2009

from click here

And let’s not forget that the Sony KDL40W5710 is also DNLA (Digital Living Network Alliance) compatible. This enables you to access your photos, music and movies from your PC across your home network from a compatible device. For instance, you could play your friends the latest MP3 track you’ve just downloaded, even though your computer is upstairs in the spare bedroom.

  ambra4 01:28 02 Apr 2009

“There is also an usb port, which does not recognize a usb/wireless adaptor only straightforward memory sticks”

You cannot use a wireless adapter from the usb port

It is to connect a digital camera, to take advantage of the Picture Frame mode

This presents your pictures in HD quality using a picture setting that recaptures the warm characteristics of film.

You can even personalize your TV with your own pictures from the built-in USB Photo viewer

  ambra4 01:31 02 Apr 2009

By the way did you read the User manual.

It would help to understand what the port are for and how to set them up

  Belfix 08:58 02 Apr 2009

Thanks for the responses...I did read the manual(s) and it states "[normal lan icon] LAN CAble You can enjoy contents stored in DLNA-compatable devices via a network" as fruit-bat had said. The full content also stated "Devices that store and provide contents are called "Server". THe TV receives the files from the server via the network. To enjoy the home network, a DLNA compatable device (eg Vaio, Cyber-shot etc)is necessary as a server". There are "advanced" facilities to i/p IP address etc.
I suppose the base question is there a way to connect a lan port to a USB wirless adaptor or another piece of kit? I would possibly question Sony in why not usb wireless lan in the first place - oh dear :<

  headingtonmeiste 19:59 19 Sep 2009

I just purchased Devolo Home Plug Adaptor dLAN starter kit (60 quid)from PC World. plugged in both ends. Connected to web almost instantly, then go to computer and allow Sony to connect to your LAN and !!presto!! Wndows media player fired up on the TV menu and I started a brill slide show with my music all from my computer. Ain't technology marvelous and sometimes so easy. I'm looking forward to my next telly in another room so will buy another home plug adaptor and show my pickies anywhere in da house. Thanks Devolo

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