TV headphone socket

  agostini 10:10 14 Jan 2012

Hi don't know if anyone on this site can help but! I bought a new TV last year but it has no headphone socket do you know if it possible to fit one as playing games on my xbox at night is not making my family very happy.


  northumbria61 10:31 14 Jan 2012
  northumbria61 08:37 15 Jan 2012

Well for anyone else who may encounter this problem we will never know if either suggestion worked for agostini

  morddwyd 09:20 15 Jan 2012

Most modern televisions have audio output sockets (normally red and white).

Simply buy an adaptor lead, rf audio to headphone.

  SparkyJack 09:59 15 Jan 2012

It would be helpful to mention the make model of TV and from whom you purchased it.. As Morddwyd mentioned most TV have RCA sockets - Red">">Red White] for which 3.5 mm adaptors are available [enter link description here

  SparkyJack 10:00 15 Jan 2012

The link corrupted try this or simply Google Maplins/cables and connecxtors.

enter">">enter link description here

  Miké 11:17 15 Jan 2012

The RCA/Phono sockets are unlikely to have high enough output to directly drive headphones!

There seem to be lots of headphones available that connect directly to Xbox.

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