TV HD now plugged into Laptop- not showing?

  buel 14:16 27 Apr 2013

Hi, Please can I ask for some advice? 6 months ago I took the cover off my TV receiver and used IDE/SATA leads to connect it to my laptop a and transfer data/programmes onto my external HD. I have just done the same thing today and for some reason the HD doesn not show? I have restarted my Vista laptop but still nothing?

  Nontek 14:54 27 Apr 2013

Do you mean that you have a TV with an Internal Hard drive? and that it is that Hard drive you want to be able to view on your laptop?

Hmm, I can only suggest that you double check all connections, especially the IDE cable.

  buel 15:37 27 Apr 2013

Sorry, I meant the separate TV receiver hd that records. I have checked connections. Also, there is a sound from my laptop when the usb is connected and disconnected?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:56 27 Apr 2013

HDD recorder make and model?

The drive will have a linux format probably ext2 or ext3 so windows will not recognise it but it should show in disk management.

Fs driver will allow windows to see a linux drive.

Years ago I downloaded some software to be able to extract files from a old HDD recorder that had failed , Simtek Reader, not sure wether its still available

  buel 17:05 27 Apr 2013

Dion Trove Digital Set top box Model DTR250SS10

It doesn't show in Disk management either. Im confused as to why it showed 6 months ago? Also, the HD does not seem to 'whirr' or run when connected?

Thank you FB

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:12 27 Apr 2013


Got it set as master ?

What are you doing to power it? The box probably needs to be on not in stand by.

  buel 17:18 27 Apr 2013

Im incredibly naive and do not know about Master and Slave? Im using the power cables that came supplied with my IDE/SATA cables. A did a quick check on a spare internal hd i had lieing about and it showed up fine?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:29 27 Apr 2013

Have you removed the drive from the TV recorder box?

IDE broad flat data cable next to cable connection on drive is set of pins for making master / slave, markings on drive show pins to be shorted.

If coupling to same cable in PC as your hard drive or DVD then need to be connected to middle cable connection and set as slave

If coupling to spare IDE slot on motherboard cable position and setting is best as Master. a

Use a molex power connector from your PSU to power the drive.

See Here for IDE connecting of Hard drives and master slave setting.

Safest option is to put drive in a USB caddy set as Master.

  buel 17:47 27 Apr 2013

Hi, I don't have a caddy, unfortunately.

I can't see any jumpers on the hd (which is still set in it's housing but not connected in any way) Does this help explain the lack of jumpers?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:47 27 Apr 2013

Thats a sata drive

no need to worry about jumpers or master and slave.

Just connect the thin data led to a spare port on your motherboard.

How are you powering it?

  buel 20:04 27 Apr 2013

Sorry for not realising. Yep, that's what Im doing- connecting it to my usb on my laptop but still nothing.

The power is coming from the power lead that came with the cables, if you see what i mean? The hd is now plugged back in to my TV and is working fine. How very odd?

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