TV freezes using Freecom DVB-T Stick USB

  Bad Beagle 15:24 01 Jan 2007

Hi all and a very happy new year to all of you.

Having previously posted a good review of the above product, I am slightly disappointed to find that I often get a few seconds of frozen image when viewing TV on the Dell laptop. This often means that I lose a few vital seconds several times during the course of any program. has anybody else experienced this or can you suggest any solutions ?
The Freeview signal is excellent so I don't think it's the transmission - perhaps other software interfering ??
All help appreciated.

  Jimmy14 15:35 01 Jan 2007

What is the current spec of your laptop please? I've got this on an acer laptop supplied with the freecom tv software and it works fine.

  Ray5776 16:50 01 Jan 2007

I have one of these and get the same thing from time to time. My conclusion is that something (other software) interferes with it though I have yet to establish what.
In my case shutting it down for a few seconds and restarting it seems to cure it untill the next time which may be a few hours, a few days or weeks.
Sorry not to be more helpful, it is an annoyance but I have learnt to live with it.
Shall follow your thread, maybe someone else has the answer.

  Stuartli 17:18 01 Jan 2007

It's either too much signal or, more likely, you are suffering the problem on the ITV related channels.

This is due to the 64QAM method of transmitting signals by ITV rather than the 16QAM version used by the BBC and others - it's noted for causing freezing and crackling sound with certain Philips chipsets.

ITV won't, it's claimed, changed their transmissions so Philips is working on a patch for IDTV, set top boxes etc.

The older ON?ITVDigital set top boxes are not affected as they use a different chipset.

  Bad Beagle 17:25 01 Jan 2007

Jimmy - it's a Dell Inspiron 1300 only a few months old - 80g HD

  Ray5776 18:41 01 Jan 2007

That is an interesting possibility if I understand you correctly. Do you mean too much data crammed onto one frequency for the decoder to cope with? if so it makes sense.

  Stuartli 00:58 02 Jan 2007

It's a major source of concern within the trade at the moment - customers are rightly concerned that they can't always watch ITV related channels at present on Freeview, but it's the retailers that are bearing the brunt of the complaints through no fault of their own.

  Bagsey 09:26 02 Jan 2007

Your comments about this fault affecting ITV rung a bell with me as the other evening I lost channel 5 from my set top box. When I went to the ordinary tele channel5 was there. I waited for about 30 minutes and tried again but no joy. I unplugged the power from the set top box then connected it again and all was working. Your explanation seems to fit my fault. But I am certainly not up in the technicalities of these machine. Thanks for the info.

  dms05 09:43 02 Jan 2007

Stuarti is 100% correct and 64QAM is a nightmare - if it works it's OK but often it causes problems.

Even though you seem to have a good signal 64QAM's demands are such that it might not be enough.

You might like to try a simple signal booster, available for a few £'s. It solved my problems.

  Bad Beagle 10:42 02 Jan 2007

hmmm, my set top box has never been a problem and the lap top issue occurs roughly every 15-20 minutes.

  Stuartli 12:09 02 Jan 2007

I have an original Pioneer ITVDigital set top box (superb, very classy hi-fi styled unit) which brings in all the Freeview TV and radio stations with ease.

However, the younger offspring has a Pioneer Freeview set top box (a Christmas present from us) and he has the problem of freezing displays and crackling sound on the ITV channels I mentioned.

My own Twinhan Freeview PCI TV card is fed via two aerial amplifiers linked by a 60ft run of coaxial cable, as my computer system and second TV set are in the front room and the main TV in the back.

I found, quite by accident, that reducing the signal from the second aerial amplifier to its minimum of +3dB significantly improved the ITV channels - up to then I had been using the maximum +18dB boost.

One other point. I have both ShowShifter and the Twinhan software on my system and ShowShifter is far superior. However, unlike the Twinhan, you can't use the system and watch TV at the same time..:-(

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