TV earphones and speakers at same time?

  Pineman100 20:15 05 Aug 2009

I'm passing my 10-yr-old Sony 27in CRT TV to my old Dad, who's rather deaf. I would like to give him some headphones to use with it (it has a headphone socket) but when you insert the jack, this cuts off the speakers. My Mum doesn't think much of that!

Is there any way that I could get the phones and the speakers to work at the same time? The TV has a variety of sockets and interfaces, but I don't really know what they all do. It has two SCART sockets.

Thanks for any advice and ideas.

  DieSse 22:22 05 Aug 2009

You can get SCARTS with a breakout of the sound cables. These could be wired to the headphones by way of an adapter.

You need to look at the SCARTS on the TV and find which is an output (or Input/Output) - there should be an arrow moulded in to tell you.

Look here for suitable adapters, or search around Maplins, or the local TV shop.

click here

Which one to use may depend on the headphone connections.

  v1asco 22:46 05 Aug 2009

i had a similar aged sony and think there was an option in the menu to use both together.

or can you use the socket on a dvd/video player instead? obviously this would be limited use if machine is being used for recording.

or try getting a Y piece that fits in the phone socket. You can then plug in the phones and a pair of small speakers (such as those supplied with computers), bit heath robinson but may do the trick


  woodchip 22:47 05 Aug 2009

You can buy like a little amp that sits by the TV with a Mic that as velcro fastener that attaches to speaker grill Headphones are part of the setup. check out Curry's. click here

  woodchip 22:48 05 Aug 2009

the above link is not to Curry's but thought I would have a look see what google picked up

  Stuartli 00:17 06 Aug 2009

I run my computer speakers and a headset (sound) using one of these adapters:

click here

I paid £1.50 at a local audio/TV outlet for mine.

It goes into the normal (green) sound output socket of your on-board or graphics card panel.

If I'm using headphones, I turn up the volume control and turn the speakers off and vice-versa.

  lotvic 00:54 06 Aug 2009

Just got a Crescendo 50/5 System click here
completely free for my mum via some Social Services dept. (will check on which dept Thurs)
it has a velcro mike that attaches to tv speaker.
Works from battery or adapter. Brilliant (she says) and the tv volume is now at a normal level (for me) instead of blasting out at full :)

Also got a Brierley 'Mono Mouse' for magnification. It looks like a large mouse and plugs into scart socket on tv then you run it over what you want to read and it comes up on the tv screen.

  ambra4 05:04 06 Aug 2009

Take a look at “Loud N Clear” it might just be the item for your dad

click here

  laurie53 07:19 06 Aug 2009

Use the "audio out" sockets on the tv (normally one red, one white) with an adapter cable and phones with a volume control, or a small amp

click here

  Stuartli 09:55 06 Aug 2009

The adapter I mentioned earlier is a standard 3.5mm jack plug socket fitting - this is the normal headphones outlet for the majority of audio equipment, including TVs and portable radios, MP3 players etc.

  Pineman100 10:02 06 Aug 2009

Some excellent suggestions, there.

My father does already have one of the headphone setups that fixes with velcro to the front of the TV's speaker, but he finds it so variable in quality that he can't get on with it. The trouble is, at 93 he's rather set in his ways, so having decided the thing is no good, he won't be persuaded otherwise!

DieSse - your suggestion of a SCART adaptor sounds probably the easiest to implement. Excuse my ignorance, but I presume there's no risk of overloading the TV's audio output by sending it to the speakers and to headphones, both at the same time?

If that risk exists, then should I perhaps go with laurie53's suggestion of using a little headphone amp?

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