TV Connection

  Cheno 19:43 10 Feb 2008

I know this has been touched on a few times, but was hoping someone could give me some advise on connecting my computer to my tv.

I am not fussed about having the sound just the pictures. My TV has scart input, s-video input and VGA input. Do I just need a 10m VGA lead and a splitter?

Thanks for any help you can provide

  Technotiger 19:52 10 Feb 2008

My PC is connected to my TV via S-video from my Nvidia Graphics card to S-video on my DVD Player/Recorder, which is connected in the normal way to the TV.

  Cheno 20:13 10 Feb 2008

I have an S-video input on my tv so is the best way just s-video from pc to tv? good quality?

  Technotiger 20:19 10 Feb 2008

The picture from the PC to TV is not as sharply defined as on a normal PC Monitor, but is still pretty good, apart from not being able to read small print. Though my TV is getting a bit long-in-the-tooth, yours may give better results.

  Technotiger 20:31 10 Feb 2008

This is TV picture as seen on PC ...
[URL=click here][IMG]

And this is PC game pic, as seen on TV ...
[URL=click here][IMG]

And this is pic grabbed from TV ...
[URL=click here]

  Cheno 20:38 10 Feb 2008

ah cheers looks good

thank you

  Technotiger 20:45 10 Feb 2008

BTW, I used my Hauppage TV Card to 'Grab' the TV Pic of Carol Vorderman.

  Cheno 21:54 10 Feb 2008

Would a VGA connection be better than s-video though?

  Technotiger 22:01 10 Feb 2008

I honestly don't know - I have never used VGA to TV.

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