TV Channels on your PC

  goonerjlf 07:23 14 Jan 2007

I'm living abroad and desperately missing some British TV - mostly the football.

I notice there are some websites that offer the opportunity to download software to access TV on your PC - for a small charge of course!!

Does anyone have any experience of this, or indeed know of any pit falls?

  mike1967 08:06 14 Jan 2007

I kmow you can do using sky but you need to be paying the appropriate package to get it

ie paying for skysports to get access to the footy online

  leedaz 08:17 14 Jan 2007

If you have broadband you could take a look at the chinese p2p programs which enable you to watch live football, click here
look here for lots of info on the subject. I've used tvants, ppmate sopcast and maxtv to watch live football and afaik it's 100% legal. The only thing to be aware of is the inherent insecurity of using p2p platform, I installed these on an old p3 which I didn't care if it got infected 'cos I'd wipe and reinstall windows. I wouldn't install on my main pc though. If you pay for one of the advertised sites I believe all they will do is send you links to install tvants, sopcast etc. Look here for todays games on p2p.
click here BTW the picture is poor (not tv quality), the stream quality is also sometimes suspect, and sometime you just can't get the game you want at all, but for free.... I'm wiiling to take the hassle.

  leedaz 08:30 14 Jan 2007

Should just add only ever d/l and install files from the programs' website, lots of malware associated with these pieces of software. Some of the d/l speeds for the installers are very slow. Use navigation pane in above links to get to the legit d/l pages for each program.

  acceptmyname 21:42 14 Jan 2007

check out tclick here link it might help

  acceptmyname 21:43 14 Jan 2007

sorry meant to say check out this link click here

  Totally-braindead 21:45 14 Jan 2007

You could try this click here their might be something there you want to watch. Don't think they'll be much footbal though but worth a look.

  audeal 23:18 14 Jan 2007

I use this one. Give it a go. click here

  rodriguez 00:02 15 Jan 2007

If you live in the middle of Europe (France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Italy) you should be able to get a Sky signal. You'll need a dish (about 1 metre, bigger the further south you go) and point it at 28.2 degrees east. Then get one of those satellite boxes from Lidl or Aldi (these shops are also across Europe) and plug it in. It should find all the free-to-air TV channels in the UK. If you want a subscription service, this has to be done behind Sky's back as they don't like you viewing their TV service outside the UK but many British expats have done this. You can find a company that will do it for you (click here). If you live outside Europe, your chances of getting British TV are very slim unless there is a cable service that offers it. North Africa may be able to get the Sky signal but you'd need a good sized dish. The east coast of America and the east of Russia may also be able to pick up the signal from Sky, but it's unlikely and you'd need a huge dish and even then it isn't guarenteed. Australia and Asia, no chance as it's way too far below the horizon.

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