TV Card trouble please

  bta1 21:20 24 Oct 2005

i have brought a PC wtih a built in TV tuner graphics card doo da.

There is a coaxle plug in the back, and i thought that you simply plug the ariel in that and the pc would pick it up. But it doesn't.

I'm using an xp media centre pc, which says it is seatching for the signal but it cannot find it.
i know the signal is there because it works perfectly on a telly.

Can anyone help with this? I know these cards are a pain and i am really beginning to regret buying this PC.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:12 24 Oct 2005

Depending on the TV program software you are using??

you may have to set the type of signal setting you are searching for.

Typical settings are

Analogue or digital

Country setting For Pal / NTSC we use Pal

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:12 24 Oct 2005
  uisquebeathus 13:18 29 Oct 2005

Many thanks Fruit Bat I have been looking for a good help sit for this subject

  woodchip 19:29 29 Oct 2005

You have to start the TV program and Scan for Channels

  akak 23:28 04 Mar 2006

i bought a philips LS1400 running windows MCE and like bta1 i have had the same problem. when i try to access live tv, a blue screen appears. according to the antenna may be loose, but its not. is the pc faulty?

any help would be appreciated thanx

ps i just connected the aerial to the back of the pc, am i missing something obvious here?
also, the manual shows a yellow wire connecting to the pc but doesnt tell me where to plug the other end! and i cant find anywhere that it could plug in

  bta1 16:48 05 Mar 2006

i don't know if the same applies, but i managed to resolve this simply buy connecting to the internet and allowing the tv guide to download.
Once the TV guide was downloaded, it just tuned everything in.
Once that was done it worked fine. (Sorry i should've ticked this.)

  akak 17:08 10 Mar 2006

yes thanx i tried that and it worked
im recieving 51 channels but still cant get channel 5!
bloody annoying

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