TV Card recordings Burning to DVD

  Cant.think.of.a.username 10:31 29 Dec 2007

I have just bought a TV card for my PC and have recorded a few programs using windows media centre in Vista.

How can I burn them to a disc so I can play on my DVD player in a different room. I have tried burning using Nero 7 but the disc does not play on my Sony DVD player.

Do I need to convert or something ( sorry for the technical talk (or lack of!!))

Thanks in advance

  jimv7 12:37 29 Dec 2007

Within nero 7 there is nero vision express, use that to create dvd's from your files.

  Cant.think.of.a.username 13:24 29 Dec 2007

when I use that feature a box comes up saying

' DVD-Video multichannel plug-in required

Missing features M-Peg-2 video decoding '

then nero stops working and crashes.

I have updated. What am I doing wrong? Do I need to purchase the plug-in thingy?

Thanks again in advance

  jimv7 13:35 29 Dec 2007

Download and install the klite codec pack from click here

  eedcam 14:45 29 Dec 2007

Try DVD flick its free click here

Read the instructions as it does not burn by deafult unless you set it too

  feb 14:52 29 Dec 2007

I don't think you can burn video DVD's using Nero (I might be wrong!)Try burning a video CD instead!

  eedcam 15:24 29 Dec 2007

Feb if one has nero 6 then you have nero vision express looks like this and can burn dvd
[IMG]click here[/IMG]

  Cant.think.of.a.username 16:17 29 Dec 2007

Thanks so far...

found klite codec pack a bit confusing and couldn't really work out how to use it to create my DVD so

installed DVD Flick and found it to be easy to use... I thought.

Put in a blank DVD,Set the thing to burn when done and moved my recorded TV program ( which is a .dvr-ms file ) into the ' create DVD ' section. All looked fine and after 50 mins it said done. The disc was blank and the file hadn't changed.

I am using Vista.

Any more advise ?


  jimv7 16:35 29 Dec 2007

Nero vision express will do all you want, if it has the needed codecs, thats where the klite codec pack comes in, by installing codecs that nero does not have, restart your puter after installing klite and then use vision express again.

  Cant.think.of.a.username 17:04 29 Dec 2007

sorry - please don't give up but I have reinstalled the klite codec pack restarted and tried again using the nero express.

I keep getting the pop up staying I need to upgrade. Do I need to change any of the setting in the klite codec pack. How do I use it.When the nero pop up appears there is a red box in my tray that I think is connected to the klite but I just can not burn / convert the .dvr-ms file recording

Going out for the night now will log on again tomorrow

Thanks again

  jimv7 17:24 29 Dec 2007

Try downloading and updating nero click here

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