tv card connection - S video

  teka1722 09:48 31 Jan 2011


I have a Packard Bell PC with tv tuner anlogue/digital

It is listed as AUSTeK Tiger 2 Capture device by device manager
The data sheets says analogue video is sampled by ADCs, decode by multi-line and active comb filters

and desribes the conector as audio/video input for spider cable for
audio L/R RCA input
S-Video mini-DIN
compostite RCAvideo input
internal tv audio output

What can I use the S-video connection for and how to prove it works?

  northumbria61 11:05 31 Jan 2011

Good article here click here explains the different types of connections with pictures/diagrams on page 2

  teka1722 11:56 31 Jan 2011

Yhanks Northumbria61 - very informative site.

I not clear if splitting the signal into two chrominance and luminance
signals means it is analogue

So could you tell if I can input analogue and or digital video into the S-video connection and how can I view the picture?


  northumbria61 14:03 31 Jan 2011

Separate Video,[1] more commonly known as S-Video
is an analog video transmission scheme, in which video information is encoded on two channels: luma (luminance, intensity) and chroma (color). This is in contrast with lower-quality composite video, in which video information is encoded on one channel, and higher-quality component video, in which video information is encoded on three channels. S-Video carries standard definition video (typically at 480i or 576i resolution), but does not carry audio on the same cable. A bit more here for you to "read and digest" click here

There's also more info here click here

Other than that I can't advise any further - there may be others who have more knowledge in setting up and what you are trying to achieve.

  northumbria61 14:05 31 Jan 2011

You may get more help if you switch this post to the Digital Home Forum - choose from left hand column.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:21 31 Jan 2011

Assuming the svideo is both an input and output

You need a s video output device (something like an old analogue camcorder) connected to the card you should then beable to catch any input footage.
If it also works as an output then you should be able to connect to a TV and display the desktop.

  teka1722 15:41 31 Jan 2011

Thanks Northumbria61 and Fruit Bat

I have identified the s-Video as 9 pin veriant which I read has input AND output.A spider cable with 4 cables all connected to the 9 pin S-video plug was supplied with PC. The four spider cables are

4 pin s-video plug labelled S-Video out
RCA type red plug labelled Pr/Video out
RCA type blue plug labelled Pb/Video out
RCA type plug labelled Y out

This rather suggest that it is only for OUT from the tv card - is that correct? Assuming thats so should I be able to connect the tv card to the S-video spider cable and the 4 pin S-video on the spider to a tv. My tv doesn't have s-video built in butI have a scart to S-video adaptor which is switchable between input and output - would this work?

  northumbria61 20:28 31 Jan 2011

That should work - but there is only one way to find out - try it and see. Good luck.

  100andthirty 06:18 01 Feb 2011

i had a similar card some while ago. You mention a spider cable. Do you have it? If it's sililar to what i had, this plugs into the board and has a range of connectors for the inputs/outputs you mention

  eedcam 08:27 01 Feb 2011

If the tv has no S-video then you only get composite at the end of thr day

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