tv audio problem & hdmi cables etc

  worcesterman47 16:43 28 Jan 2009

just a quickie question...if i connect a HDMI - DVI cable from my pc to tv...does that also transmit the audio ? ( assuming everything else is corretly set up etc etc) or would i still need a seperate audio cable connected ?..i only ask as at the moment i use vga cable on my plasma tv with a seperate audio a treat ! BUT on my lcd tv in bedroom i can get a great picture but NO sound by connecting vga to vga & audio would a HDMI-DVI possibly sort the problem out ( assuming no other faults/errors with upstairs tv...if the cable would/could work..which should i use...a HDMI-DVI or just a HDMI ? many thanks in advance
ps i did post this on another thread so full apologies

  crosstrainer 16:58 28 Jan 2009

No, you would need additional cable to get sound. Usually a 3.5mm jack at the pc end, and 2 RCA jacks at the telly, but it depends on what you have.

The HDMI cable will only provide video.

  eedcam 18:42 28 Jan 2009

And alas you may be unlucky and get the audio out of sync

  Monoux 20:01 28 Jan 2009

An HDMI Cable carries sound and pictures see
click here
for more info

  laurie53 20:14 28 Jan 2009

HDMI carries audio, but DVI doesn't.

If you have HDMI feeding DVI you lose the audio, and, as crosstrainer suggests, you need a separate audio cable.

I have this very set up, on my tv not a pc, but mine has the 3.5 mm jack at the tv end.

  worcesterman47 22:59 28 Jan 2009

hi guys..thanks for the info & then...if i get an HDMI cable will carry audio AND video from pc to tv ...having looked at the previous link from MONOUX showing a HDMI looks to me like it has what i would call a usb connection on both ends..that correct? then, would i just put one end into a usb connection on my pc & the other end into the HDMI connection on my tv ?) is it that straight forward ( except for possible tuning or screen settings,graphics card etc etc ?) if it is the way it seems can anyone point me in the right direction to get the best HDMI cable without it being overly expensive..cheers again guys "

  worcesterman47 23:08 28 Jan 2009

sorry guys...just had a proper read up on the HDMI is NOT a usb connection i now i have only a vga & usb sockets on my i stuck then with vga & seperate audio cable to get sound & vision from laptop to tv now? or is there other options...any ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated..sorry about above post concerning HDMI looking like usb cables....i should learn to read before i act !!

  laurie53 07:25 29 Jan 2009

Bit confused now.

Are you talking about a DVI connection or a VGA connection or both?

  worcesterman47 08:33 29 Jan 2009

sorry about the confusion....i currently use a vga to vga connection to show pc on tv( & also use a seperate audio cable)works fine...i do not have any other connections on my pc apart from usb,ethernet & vga ...but on my tv's i do have HDMI & VGA connections..BUT i was trying to find out if there was another option i could use which would use less cables & also transmit audio at same time ( as tv upstairs will not pick up the audio)...hope this has made my question a bit clearer..cheers !

  laurie53 19:51 29 Jan 2009

So where does DVI come in?

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