TV aerial via mains wiring?

  Graham. 09:51 22 Dec 2010

The TV in the conservatory doesn't get a strong enough signal to pick up digital Freeview. It was OK on analogue. Does the aerial cable round the outside of the house need upgrading for digital?

If the signal could be transmitted by mains wiring that would be a preferred solution. Any suggestions, please?

  lotvic 09:59 22 Dec 2010

More detail needed.
What is your present Freeview setup?
Aerial to freeview box to main tv in main house then to ? etc. etc.
or is the one in conservatory completely separate freeview box with own aerial?

Also it depends on where you live for strength of digital signal.

Lots of factors to consider.

I've no knowledge of being able or not of using main wiring but doesn't sound right to me.

  tullie 10:00 22 Dec 2010

Theres no such thing as a digital aerial,the one you have may just need replacing on your roof.

  Graham. 10:37 22 Dec 2010

The aerial works perfectly on the main TV. It links into a Sky box first to provide a splitter. From the Sky box, cables go to the main TV and round the house to the conservatory.

If I bypass the Sky box and connect the incoming aerial to the outgoing cable it is no better. Which leads me to think I will need to replace the cable round the house.

  lotvic 11:32 22 Dec 2010

Have you tried remaking the connections on each end of the aerial cable to conservatory? It does sound as if it is that cable that is letting you down. Or perhaps because you have split the signal you may need a booster.

  Woolwell 11:33 22 Dec 2010

A booster to the conservatory may solve the problem.

  tigertop2 12:18 22 Dec 2010

I have used an SLx TV signal amp. model for 2 years now. Here is a link.
click here
I don't know anything about this sales outlet but the SLx models seem pretty good amplifiers

  robin_x 12:54 22 Dec 2010

It's weak signal for whatever reason.
Unlikely to be the coax cable itself.

Wiggle your aerial cables to check for very bad joints. You may need one person at the Sky box end and you in the conservatory.
Unscrew connectors at each end and check condition. Remake as necessary.

Since it is so close to Christmas and you may want the conservatory (with heater!) for guests I would just get a cheap booster for now.

These sLx boosters are my preferred choice.
(also maybe in Tesco under the technika brand)

Also in B&Q and other places.

click here

Reception problems can take hours, days and weeks to track down properly!

Happy Christmas.

  robin_x 12:56 22 Dec 2010

Don't forget to buy a 1m male-female RF lead if you buy a booster

  xania 13:10 22 Dec 2010

I had a similar problem which I tried to fix with a booster. Complete waste of time. The switch from Analogue to Digital requires a much stronger signal which my aerial was not receiving. All the booster did was boost the noise on the signal making matters even worse. I fear you may need a replacement aerial. However, shop around. I was quoted nearly £500 by one national company (I had to replace my in-roof wigth an outside very high aerial and a special booster to get round the problems of tall builings) but another local company did the same job with perfect results for £188.

  xania 13:15 22 Dec 2010

Oops - just read the part where you mention you get a good signal on your TV, so the aerial IS good enough. However, I wonder if the problem lies in the number of connections you are running around the house. You may find a better solution will be to run a second cable direct from your aerial to the conservatory - unless, of course, you also want to wacth Sky in the conservatory!!

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