TV abroad????

  cooki8c 13:49 15 Apr 2008

out of curiousity can you pick up british TV on the computer whilst you are on holiday or is it just local stations ??????

  Fingees 18:51 15 Apr 2008

It depends on the tuner in your computer.

It has to work with the various systems in whatever country.

NTSC, PAL etc..
some will do it. Some won't.

All the best.

  PUNKA 19:49 15 Apr 2008

Check out this for viewing all around the globe, if I remember rightly it's available on some of the latest mobile phones too!!

  DieSse 22:33 15 Apr 2008

You can only pick up UK TV when you are within range of a UK transmitter. You will be out of range in no time when you cross the channel. Exactly where depends on what type of service and exactly where you are.

By the time you are 50-100 miles away from the coast, I would estimate you have no chance at all.

You'll still be able to pick up local stations if you retune.

But in Europe there are variations in the type of transmissions. France uses Secam, which is a quite different system, and much of Europe uses PAL- G mainly whereas the UK uses PAL-I. This would mean loss of sound - though most TV tuners can be reset to differing PAL standards.

If you have a digital terrestrial tuner you will lose UJ TV even sooner - though in some countries compatibility may be better.

  woodchip 22:48 15 Apr 2008

Go to Maplin and buy a Camper sat TV. This will work to pickup UK

  woodchip 22:49 15 Apr 2008

PS you have to point it at the right sat. They work on 230 volts and 12 volts

  Stuartli 10:45 16 Apr 2008

The latest Lidl flyer listing items available from Thursday, April 24th, includes a SilverCrest Portable Satellite Receiver kit at £64.99.

Includes digital satellite receiver, satellite dish, LNB, infra remote control, in-car power supply cable, mains cable, 10m antenna cable, SCART cable and various accessories.

You can pick up free-to-air digital TV and radio transmissions.

  Stuartli 10:47 16 Apr 2008

If you are going to Italy, its equivalent of Freeview uses, to all intents and purposes, the same technical specifications.

In fact you can tune/scan channels with a UK based Freeview PCI TV card by choosing Italy rather than Britain in the configuration..:-)

  DieSse 13:39 16 Apr 2008

Satellite signals also get progressively weaker as you travel further into Europe - and to counteract this you will need a larger and larger dish (and a sensitive receiver and good LNB)- dependent on which channels you want to watch.

As a for instance, to watch BBC in Spain - here in Almeria, and I beleive on the Costa del Sol - you need a 1.2m dish. Onthe costa Blanca, which is further east, you need 1.8m dish.

The point is that the small dishes you normally get with caravan kits aren't much use for the BBC.

  tullie 15:32 16 Apr 2008

Alternativly,try and give tv a break whilst on holiday

  ns2104 12:02 16 May 2008

I live abroad and was able to find a website that offers live uk tv streaming (all terrestrial and other freeview channels) over a broadband connection for a subsctiption fee. You can try it out free for 7 days before buying. I've tried it and it's great!

Go to:

click here

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