Turntable to soundcard cable

  nicktoeman 13:08 16 Nov 2005

I wish to transfer my LPs to CD. All methods I have seen assume that the turntable (or amp) has a pair of phono outputs that I can connect with a suitable cable to the sound card (possibly via a pre-amp). However my recently acquired Dual 504 turntable has a 5-pin DIN output and I have not found a suitable interconnect cable. Can anyone help? (I would go via my amplier except that it has no DIN input either).
I am prepared to get stuck in with soldering iron and plugs/sockets if necessary but don't know what I am doing.

  recap 13:21 16 Nov 2005

Maplins may have what you require click here to find out more.

  phil46 13:22 16 Nov 2005

Try a ADS Instant music available from QVC product number 553-108 £15.45.
I don't know if it will work with a magnetic cartridge but you can always send it back.

  Sirpad 13:43 16 Nov 2005

Check this site out click here

I found it quite helpful.

  woodchip 13:44 16 Nov 2005

If you go to Electronics shop they can make one up for you Din to Mini Stereo jack plug. This plugs into line in socket

  nicktoeman 13:55 16 Nov 2005

Thanks for your replies guys.
Recap: I already have a lead for 5-pin DIN to 4 phono plugs from Maplin but am not sure which pair of plugs might simply give me left and right channels - the others also carry signals (possibly mono?) and the most likey pair generate very quiet input to my amp. Basically I don't understand what the four outputs are. There is a Maplin cable for 5-pin DIN to 2 x 3.5 headphone-type jacks but this doesn't seem to take me further forward as I still have double the number of signal leads than I want.
Phil: I have found ADS Instant Video (554134) but not the item you suggest. I wonder if it is still available.
Any more ideas? Thanks.

  Skyver 13:59 16 Nov 2005

That's probably a cassette deck lead for tape record/play on older hifi's - either way you will get a stereo signal out of two plugs, and nothing from the others - get a multi meter on them. One of these pinout diagrams may match; click here

  woodchip 14:00 16 Nov 2005

You need to get them down to mini Jack, Which way do you want sound to go? to Comp or to Stereo

  Skyver 14:03 16 Nov 2005

Sorry, not reading carefully enough. If you don't mind soldering you could chop the two output phonos and solder to a stereo 3.5 jack.

  DieSse 14:31 16 Nov 2005

I would have thought the output comes direct from the cartridge on these turntables - in which case the output would not be suitable for feeding into a sound card.

It's likely to be to low a level, and unequalised - ie the frequency range will be out of balance - too much high frequency and too little low frequency - see here click here

Unless it's already fitted, you will need a cartridge pre-amplifier to correct this.

  DieSse 14:32 16 Nov 2005

OR - use the cartridge input on your hi-fi amp - and the line output to the sound card.

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