Turning Off Wireless??

  Clonetrooper 13:30 14 Jan 2007

Have been using Speedtouch ADSL modem for broadband.

Have been sent OrangeLivebox.

My question is: When not using my Laptop via Wirless can I TURN-OFF the wireless signal from the Livebox and use my PC wired via the Ethernet connection so that my brain is not being un-necessarily irradiated by a wireless signal that I'm not using.

  Clonetrooper 16:19 15 Jan 2007


  PaulB2005 16:23 15 Jan 2007

"that my brain is not being un-necessarily irradiated by a wireless signal that I'm not using."

Signal is weak and probably more dangerous looking at TV, monitor or going outside. That said if you really want to do it i suggest looking at the Live-box Manager software on your PC.

  howard64 17:11 15 Jan 2007

whilest my daughter and her laptop are away I have turned off the wireless output of my netgear router. I entered the ip address of the router and found an option to enable/disable the wireless.

  Clonetrooper 17:30 15 Jan 2007

Managed to do it through router homepage.

PaulB2005 I was not asking for comments on the radiation risk and you should justify your comments by letting us know what qualifications you have to back up your statement.
we don't need unecessary radiation if we're not USING wireless !!

  VoG II 17:33 15 Jan 2007

"Is Wi-Fi bad for you? Almost inevitably it has been added to the list of technologies that may be hazardous to your health but the evidence so far is almost entirely anecdotal and no serious scientific study has linked Wi-Fi with any sort of health concern.

Emissions from wireless adaptors and routers are a fraction of those coming from mobile phones nor are they held in close proximity to the user's head or body, and since radio frequency energy follows the inverse square law the amount of energy these devices produce at distances of more than a few centimetres are vanishingly small. The odds are something else will get you..."

click here

  PaulB2005 18:13 16 Jan 2007

Tried to allay your unnecessary fears of being zapped to death by the WiFi radiation, but failed.

The amount of radiation coming from a WiFi router is minimal compared to other devices. Don't need a qualification to prove it - just read several articles on the subject.

If your PC is near a window you'll be getting several hundred or thousand times as much radiation from the Sun.

Bit like worrying about the guy squirting you with a water pistol when you are already underwater.

  Stuartli 18:17 16 Jan 2007

Bit of an OTT reaction to a perfectly reasonable comment.

I assume it doesn't worry you if you have a cordless landline phone?

  Clonetrooper 18:56 16 Jan 2007

Appreciate your opinions.

I don't use cordless phones.

As a physician I don't believe in being exposed to UNECESSARY radiation. My ethernet wired connection and my wired telephone function very reliably for my requirements.

The long term health sequelae of mobile phones and 'wifi' are yet to be established. Smoking was tolerated for over 200 years before Doll & Peto's landmark study.

I just prefer to be cautious. Wifi's great if your on the move but when at home what's wrong with a wired connection ??

  Clonetrooper 18:58 16 Jan 2007
  PaulB2005 19:13 16 Jan 2007

Sorry - ignore me. Bad mood....

You're right.

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