turning off utilitys

  dfghjkl 23:51 16 Jan 2004

i moved some games from one partition to another,and it is still showing nearly 2 gig,so i went to format it and it refused as i had disk utilitys running or the drive is being used in a window.what do i have to turn off,i unplugged modem and turned off system restore,norton,zone alarm but i have nothing else running,i have checked in task manager and it shows nothing running.so any clues?i dont have a lot on the pc at the moment but without listing everything installed are there any obvious ones.win xp pro.thanks

  Quiller. 23:57 16 Jan 2004

Just try,

Might be;

Right click the recycle bin and pick properties. Now look at the drive. Has it quite a big reserve for the bin? If so move the slider down or put it to zero and tick the box for delete the files immediately, if you are sure.

  VoG II 00:12 17 Jan 2004

You can't format from within Windows - it won't let you.

You need to download a boot disk and do it from there click here click here

  hugh-265156 00:12 17 Jan 2004

restart the computer.

  Djohn 00:30 17 Jan 2004

dfghjkl, are you formatting from disk management?

  dfghjkl 00:34 17 Jan 2004

format fred ,spot on

  dfghjkl 00:40 17 Jan 2004

just formating a 10 gig partition after moving games to my old 30 gig,now using your 40 gig as 3, 10 gig and an 8 gig partition,usingxp (right click drive and use format)djohn.

  Djohn 01:00 17 Jan 2004

Hi dfghjkl, Pleased the drive has come in useful for you. :o)

If you want to see how the drives are laid out and the size of partitions then right click your "My Computer Icon", choose "Manage" then from the new window click on "Disk management", then right click on the partition you want to alter and choose "Format"

You can also alter the size of the partitions and the letter of your drives from here. This will work with all drives/partitions except for your main C: drive.

If you want to alter the letter of the drive, including CD drives, then best to move them all down to r x y z to start with, then re-letter the drives/partitions any order you want.

The reason for moving the letters to the end is because if one of your drives/partitions is already D or E etc. Then you can't assign the same letter to a new drive/partition while it's still in use. j.

  Quiller. 11:13 17 Jan 2004

Glad you got it sorted.

It can be a bit puzzling when you look at a partition and see it is using far more space than you it has files on it. The recycle bin, system restore for that drive and hidden files can ammount to quite a lot of space used.

Any way job done. :-)

  dfghjkl 16:04 17 Jan 2004

thanks chaps

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