Turning pc off problem

  Cooter 23:57 17 May 2004

Hi all, everytime I use my screen to turn off the pc rather than the button on the base unit I get a window up saying this "END PROGRAM-rundll32exe" . It then says there is an error running this program and I need to return to windows, strange and really annoying when all I want to do is turn the dam thing off! Any ideas? Thanx in advance.

  hugh-265156 00:06 18 May 2004

click here

also found click here

i would run a check for spyware with adaware or spybot first just to check all is well.then try to work out what program is keeping rundll open maybe.

  woodchip 00:10 18 May 2004

To explain, When you go to shut down computer ,it as to turn of background programs that are running, two of these are Explorer and System tray. There may be others like AV software etc. when you get the above, it means that Windows is having trouble closing a program. try this Go to start\Run and type MSCONFIG go to startup or start tab remove all ticks exept Explorer System tray AV and firewall then try shutting down a couple of times

  hugh-265156 00:17 18 May 2004


you may also wish to try disabling all programs except your AV and firewall from starting with windows using msconfig and setting to manual or disable any uneeded services running.it may narrow things down a bit for you in running processes.

click start/run type msconfig and click the start up tab.untick everything except antivirus and firewall and restart(ignore the warning and tick dont show again)

a guide to what services can be set to manual start up or disabled click here (safe settings give me no problems)

troubleshooting shutdown xp click here

  Cooter 00:35 18 May 2004

thanks alot both of you, I went into msconfig and funnily enough found a program with the words rundll32exe in it, unticked this and it seems to have sorted the problem. What it means, what it does and whether I will need it in the future god only knows!!

  Cooter 00:37 18 May 2004

also the same program had the word "bridge" next to it??????

  Cooter 00:43 18 May 2004

come to think of it have i done the right thing there? Is rundll32 an actual program that tells you that i have problems, sorry very confusing!

  hugh-265156 00:47 18 May 2004

bridge.dll may be spyware click here=

as above download,update and run both spybot and adaware and delete anything they find just in case. click here click here

click here also found hijackthis to be useful click here

  hugh-265156 00:53 18 May 2004

you havent done anything wrong or done any damage by unchecking this in msconfig.

it just means it will not automatically load as windows starts up thats all.

anything unticked in msconfig will start as normal if and when its needed so long as its installed.

rundll32.exe is a windows app ok but as above im unsure as to bridge.dll.run a spyware check as its been known for spyware to imatate windows processes so rundll may not even be rundll if you get my drift.

wont hurt to check.

  Djohn 00:54 18 May 2004

Found this bit of info Cooter. The bit I noticed is the "Bridge" thing, it's the same as yours and it looks as though you have done the correct thing. j.


Get WinTasks Pro Install it on your computer. Restart your computer. Open Wintasks Click on [Autostart] button select the "rundll32.exe" executable and Click the [-Remove] button.

Wintasks will ask you if your sure you want to remove this anoying rundll32 exe which by the way is the "Bridge Adware Spyware exe" you want to say YES.

Close Wintasks and restart your Computer. When you go to restart the "End-Program rundll32.exe" will pop up "DON'T PANIC this will be the last time it has this pleasure, click end task and let the computer restart.

  Cooter 01:03 18 May 2004

ok people, first of all I do run spybot and adaware on a daily basis, sure adaware finds some stuff but my spybot is normally safe and clear.
Secondly there is also another RUNDLL32 (note in capital letters this time) on that same startup list.
And finally thanks for the vote of confidence Djohn, thats a relief, however where would I find WinTasks Pro and more importantly is it free!?!

Thanx again

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