turning off password expiry

  Nigel3030 23:15 21 Jul 2005

I am running Windows XP pro and have an administrator account which I use and a limited account for the kids. The administrator account is password protected and I am getting the 'your password will expire in 14 days' box. Is there any way this can be turned off so that I can keep the same password? The kids aren't yet old enough to try and guess the password so it is only on there to stop them accidentally logging on as an administrator! Any ideas would be greatfully received. Thanks.

  stuc100 23:24 21 Jul 2005

set the password expiry time to "0" in the security policy

  adam_huxtable 23:36 21 Jul 2005

how do you set it up???? sorry for hijacking forum

  Nigel3030 00:51 22 Jul 2005

Thanks Stuc 100. I'm at work at the minute but I will have a go at that when I get home. Cheers.

Adam, you can set the password by going to user accounts in control panel.

  mattyc_92 08:49 22 Jul 2005

You don't have to do that stuc100. You can just disable the account from expiring the password.... Heres how.

1) Go to "Start->Control Pannel->Performance and Maintenance->Administrative Tools->Computer Management"

2) In the window that opens, select the following from the "tree navigation" on the left.... "System Tools->Local Users and Groups->Users"

3) Double-click onto YOUR username to open the properies dialog window.

4) Tick the option "Password Never Expires" and click onto OK.

You SHOULDN'T be told your password will expire anymore. You can do this proceedure all over again to enable/disable this feature for other user accounts.

  Nigel3030 20:00 22 Jul 2005

Thanks mattyc. I have done that now and it worked a treat!

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