Turning off network key

  concretepigsy 19:34 16 Dec 2006

my network key is turned on permantly. Can anyone tell me how to configure my laptop to ask for the network key when i connect to the network.


  birdface 19:52 16 Dec 2006

Do you meen your log on, Password and username,Or am I thinking of something else.

  concretepigsy 19:52 16 Dec 2006

the network key for the wireless router to connect to the internet

  birdface 20:01 16 Dec 2006

Ok, Sorry ,Cant help you with that,But I am sure that there are a lot on here that do,

  Woolwell 23:00 16 Dec 2006

Not entirely sure what you want to do.

A network key could be the security key for access to the wireless network and your laptop will remember it and sign in to the network when it is detected. Is this what you are asking about?

The modem/router will have been configured to log on to the internet with your username and password and will do so as soon as it is powered on. You can disconnect this by entering the configuration.

  concretepigsy 15:09 17 Dec 2006

yes thats the one i need to change

  Woolwell 16:21 17 Dec 2006

I don't know how to turn it off. It is useful for me to have it remember each time. Over to others.

  Fingees 16:28 17 Dec 2006

You can turn it off, by going to its setup page.
But you can't ask for it to tell you the network key, otherwise it would be pointless setting it for security in the first place, as anyone could ask for it.

  Chrisann 15:13 18 Dec 2006

I am wondering why you would want to turn it off..so you have to ask for it every time.

I thought the idea of the Network Key is that your Network knows it is your comps that are connecting automatically..no-one else will be able to connect to your Network...they would have to type this key in to get in.

Is there a specific reason for you needing to do this. Surely it will cause you a lot of bother.?


  Legolas 18:30 18 Dec 2006

I am second guessing concretepigsy but I would think he probably wants to stop other users of his/her computer from logging on to the Internet.

  concretepigsy 18:48 18 Dec 2006


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