turning off the computer

  capnsofa 19:44 30 Oct 2005

I use my PC on and off each day e.g. use for say one hour, then not again for about three hours, and so on.
Each time I finished a session I shut down the whole system, but I have heard that this can be harmful and that I should leave it on Standby, until I have finished for the day.
Your advice would be appreciated.
If it is of any relevance, I operate Windows 98

  stalion 19:48 30 Oct 2005

shutting down your computer each time is not harmful I have always shut mine down without any problems

  swoosh 19:49 30 Oct 2005

Yeah turning the PC fully on and off does stress the thing out so what I do is put it in standby if I'm not using it for short periods and put it in hibernation overnight/long periods.

  stalion 19:53 30 Oct 2005

a comparison for you do you leave your car engine running all night till the next morning or later in the day

  swoosh 19:58 30 Oct 2005

Hibernation doesn't mean the PC is on, just means most components don't need to reload up. Turning the PC on and off several times a day will put the PC under greater stress and shorten the life of your computer.

  stalion 20:00 30 Oct 2005

and there is a bad storm in the night and computr takes a strike and is caput

  ade.h 20:01 30 Oct 2005

It might be a good idea to make use of the advanced power settings and set some times for the listed components (monitor, HDDs, etc.) to power down. It will at least run a bit cooler and consume a bit less power.

Does Windows 98 have the Hibernate option? In XP we hold shift while the "Turn Off Computer" dialog box is open and Standby turns to Hibernate. Apologies if 98 does not have this; I haven't used it in a few years.

  swoosh 20:05 30 Oct 2005

Never had Windows 98 so not sure if there is an hibernate feature but I also use the power saving settings which are on XP.

  User-312386 20:21 30 Oct 2005

My computer is on 24/7 365

Never had a problem

Obviuosly a hard re-start sometimes just to clear the RAM but thats it

  martjc 09:29 31 Oct 2005

...I have used computers at home and work for well over twenty years now >creak< and never had any problems with multiple shutdown/startup procedures.

There may be some good advice above, but it seems to be a simple matter of choice/economics.

  Dumble452 10:10 31 Oct 2005

I tend to leave mine on stand-by unless I'm going out. I switch it off at night and back on again in the morning. I assume that there is a similar analogy to turning fluorescent tubes on and off, but I'm not really sure if one argument is better than the other.

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