Novis 12:55 11 Feb 2004

a) How can I turn off / hibernate my computer without going through Start and then chosing an icon. Can I shortcut the ikon to my toolbar?

b) Sometimes, for no reason that I undertand I am given a Hibernate option instead of Stand By when I Turn off my computer. How can I Hibernate at will instead of having to Stand By?

  Djohn 14:34 11 Feb 2004

Most keyboards now offer this facility, usually a row of three or four buttons along the top, just click the corresponding one. j.

  hugh-265156 14:54 11 Feb 2004

right click the start button/explore and navigate to "c:/windows/system32/shutdown.exe"

right click it and "send to/desktop create shortcut" i think.

  hugh-265156 14:57 11 Feb 2004

nearly right click here

  Novis 11:31 12 Feb 2004

I've sorted this out - but what is the difference between Stand By and Hibernate?

  Novis 13:04 12 Feb 2004

I'm impressed - this is really clever but I'd really like to Hibernate - not shut down completely. Any suggestions?

  hugh-265156 18:26 12 Feb 2004

not sure how to create a shortcut to this one im afraid.

this works well though:

first make sure hibernation is enabled in control panel/power options/hibernate then:

press ctrl+esc then press u

the shut down box will appear.then just press h

  Novis 12:37 27 Jul 2004

I am running Office 2003 but cannot access files in My Documents or select them from FILE.

An error message WORD CANNOT OPEN THIS DOC TEMPLATE (C:\ Program File ...\ Startup\dgn.word.dot).

When I close WORD there is an error message THE FILE NORMAL ALREADY EXISTS – although I have unselected the “Prompt to save Normal Template” in TOOLS / Options / Save.

I have not previously had problems with Office 2003. However I did a McAfee Quick Clean prior to the problem manifesting and may have cleaned more than I intended. However, would that explain WORD not reinstalling properly?

I have tried several Restore Dates – no luck. I can create new MS WORD documents – but not access them (except in Wordpad or MS WORKS).

Any suggestions?

  jonnytub 12:41 27 Jul 2004

use the cd to do a repair of office

  Stuartli 12:47 27 Jul 2004
  Eastender 12:58 27 Jul 2004

Go to Control Panel then Power Options then Advanced, second panel from the bottom turn the option on 'When I press the Power Button on My Computer' to Hibernate or what ever you want. Then when you press the Power Button on your computer case, your computer will enter Hibernate mode or in my case Shut Down.

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