Turned Off SSID B/casting - now no internet!!

  vickym 13:20 11 Feb 2008

Hello everyone.
I'm new to this wireless stuff, so forgive any ignorance. I recently got wireless broadband through Tiscali (Siemens Gigaset router). Was working fine until yesterday when I tried to make my network more secure. I went into my router admin page ( and disabled SSID broadcasting. Since then I've not been able to connect to the internet. I briefly got back onto the router page and managed to turn SSID back on, but it's made no difference.
I've reset the router - nothing.
I then uninstalled the tiscali software, and now that i've tried to re-install it, it won't recognise my WPA code.
In desperation (cos my auction on ebay was nearly finishing!) I tried to make a wired connection, but that wouldn't accept my password even though it was correct.
After a lengthly call to tiscali customer (unhelpful)service, they told me there was a problem with the exchange in my area. I don't think that was the case because I was picking up wireless connections from my neighbours. Also by brother-in-law's tiscali internet worked just fine and he lives round the corner.

I'm really frustrated and upset because I was just trying to following security guidelines and as a result, I have no internet and tiscali won't help. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated because I'm at my wits end.

Many thanks in advance

  User-1229748 13:25 11 Feb 2008

you are paying tiscali for a service you are not getting - they should be helping you - there are plenty of other isp.

  vickym 13:29 11 Feb 2008

Yes I agree! I've only been with them for about 3 weeks though so i'm a bit bound to them till the year is up. Although, I suppose if they're not keeping they're contract to provide service, then I might be able to cancel.

It took me 2 weeks, 3 e-mails (none of which were responded to) and 4 phonecalls to get the default username & password for my router!

I knew i shouldn't have been fooled by the the cheap broadband service - I'm paying for it now!

  Daveboy 13:32 11 Feb 2008

there is probably a " reset button on the back of your router (recessed ?), this will reset the router to factory defaults, then run the install afresh.

  silverous 13:33 11 Feb 2008

A few observations that hopefully will help:

Unless I'm mistaken, if you didnt' have any security on it before your connection would have been picking up "any available" wireless networks. Once you stop SSID broadcasting your wireless router drops out of that category and you need to setup a specific connection to it, listing its SSID and spelling it 100% the same, same case and everything.

Just because you can see your neighbours wireless router and connect to it doesn't mean that the internet isn't have issues at your exchange, although if you are saying you can surf the net on their connection and it works, and you know for sure which neighbours it is and which ISP they use (although problems at the Exchange could be across multiple ISPs), then that would suggest perhaps that Tiscali are wrong.

You shouldn't have to put a password in for a wired connection, typically you plug a network cable between your laptop/pc and router and you are connected 'wired'. If you have reset the router back to default then it may be your tiscali password and username you are having to input.

If you can I'd suggest resetting the router and going the wired route as you'll probably need that now to get up and running again. If you come across a password it won't accept then you'll need Tiscali's help as I suspect it will be the one they provided you when you first got set up.

  vickym 13:42 11 Feb 2008

Wow - thanks for all the quick replies.
Daveboy - I have reset it and it's not doing anything.

Silverous - I will try to set up the SSID name - I never thought of that being the case - I wish tiscali had mentioned that to me yesterday. I will try to set up a manual connection when i get home. - i've just found out how to do this.

When i try to do a wired connection through the installion CD, it does ask for my password. I had changed this when I first started with tiscali, but when i tried to enter it, it said it was wrong (even though it's the same one I used when I initially set it up). I got in touch with tiscali and they reset the password to a default in case this was causing the problem - but it made no difference at all.

Thanks everyone for the tips though, i'll see what i can do when i get home tonight.

  silverous 13:50 11 Feb 2008

I think you might be too late now for the SSID name setup if the router has been reset it will probably have lost wireless settings and perhaps even have a different SSID now to the one you set/expect. You need to go back to square one.

If you are being asked for a password in the Tiscali installation then they should be able to provide it to you, usually you can't easily change your ISP provided password in my experience. You get it and you stick with it unless you have a reason to change it - I wonder if you are confusing it with another password e.g. the admin password for your router or some other password?

I think a clean look at this starting from resetting the router and re-install as wired connection will be your best starting point. Just check on their support page/on the phone that they haven't really got issues in your area though otherwise you'd be thinking you've got problems when they have!

  vickym 13:56 11 Feb 2008

Hi again Silverous.
They said that my password to intall the software is the same as my main e-mail address - this is how it got changed. They told me to do that first for security. But now it's back to default anyway, so I'll try again from scratch. I did phone their helpline and there is an option to hear any service problems in the area and all i got was a message saying everything was running fine - this is the only reason i doubt their explanation.
Looks like it's going to be a long evening! Thanks again for the quick replies and the help. It's very much appreciated. I understand it a little better now!

  crosstrainer 14:29 11 Feb 2008

click here**&p_li=&p_topview=1

All you need to reset your router from scratch.

  vickym 14:57 11 Feb 2008

Hi Crosstrainer
I've seen that page from tiscali, but unfortunately if i type in the the ip address i can't get anything up at all because mine can only be accessed through a web page and i can't make any sort of connection.
Or am i missing an obvious point here? Like i said i am new to all this!

  crosstrainer 15:20 11 Feb 2008

type your routers address into the internet explorer address bar (the address varies from router to router, so refer to the instructions for yours...Should be something like

A page will open asking for username and password.

again, you may need to refer to your manual, but the usual is:

username: admin
Password: admin

You can change these later if you wish

Once into the routers setting screen, use the settings I posted previously to re-instate you access

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