turn off by button or start menu?

  buel 16:19 14 Feb 2011

Hi, please can anyone tell me is there any difference between turning off a desktop PC by the button on the front or vis Start>Turn off?

  rawprawn 16:21 14 Feb 2011

Yes, use the Start > Shut Down method. That way the computer closes down properly

  buel 16:33 14 Feb 2011

well i thought so, thank you? Can you explain what is wrong with the other option?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:42 14 Feb 2011

Windows or other software may be writing to the drive when you power off, this can corrupt files on the drive and it may not then boot next time you switch on.

  buel 16:51 14 Feb 2011

thank you!

  T0SH 16:56 14 Feb 2011

In power management settings there is an option to select what you want to happen when you press the power button, one of the options is

"Shut Down"

Selecting the above option the end result will be exactly the same as choosing Shut Down from the start button

Cheers HC

  buel 11:23 20 Feb 2011

Thank you all!!

  Muergo 12:34 20 Feb 2011

I leave mine switched on all the time, only rebooting now and then to refresh it.
My wife turns hers off whenever she is not contemplating using for a while, but she is worried about interruption of supply (gas)

Mine serves as a room light and heater as well.

News today said ""baby boomers"" or those born in the "blackout" did not turn lights off and drove gas guzzling cars. I go along with that, I shall reduce carbon dioxide emissions by not being cremated.

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