Turn off beeps in BIOS

  chub_tor 15:58 16 Jun 2008

I wasn't quite sure how go title this topic but the situation is as follows. I built this machine using an ECS NForce6M-A Motherboard click here earlier this year. It works fine and I have no problems with it.

But I have never had any beeps as the machine boots up, not even the customary one to show that all is well. I have checked the internal speaker for continuity, I have reversed the speaker connections (not that it should make any difference) Because there are 3 pins and two wires I have tried connecting the speaker between signal and earth and also signal and line. All to no effect.

So I am wondering if there is a BIOS feature that I have missed which might turn off the beeps - I've never heard of such a thing, nor would I consider it desirable, but unless that part of the motherboard is not working I can't think of any other reason why I don't get the OK beep.

Any suggestions?

  johndrew 16:22 16 Jun 2008

I have an Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe motherboard and in common with you I have never had any general indicators on boot up since new. The only time it `contacted` me was when I left the PS/2 keyboard unplugged and a nice lady told me, "No keyboard detected." - that came as a surprise!!!! Now that I have read the manual I am aware this motherboard uses vocal POST messages for pretty much all failures.

Whether this is a feature of other boards or not I`m not sure, perhaps some are now designed only to provide audible notification (beeps/vocal) in the event of failure - which would make sense.

  micemews 16:30 16 Jun 2008

This probably won't help at all but for what it is worth I have a pc which I built using an ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe and the motherboard beeps once when it starts up.

  crosstrainer 16:57 16 Jun 2008

I have an elitegroup sli board in my XP rig....Never let out a beep in it's life :)

  chub_tor 17:00 16 Jun 2008

That's exactly what I would expect my motherboard to do. I have probably built 8 or 9 PC's over the years and this is the first one that has never beeped once on start up.

  MAT ALAN 18:10 16 Jun 2008

click here

the only way i know to turn them on/off is a regedit

the values will show as "yes" "no" or "0" "1" without the exclamation marks of course

  Stuartli 18:18 16 Jun 2008

>>motherboard beeps once when it starts up.>>

This should be the norm - it's an indication that the motherboard has a "good" signal from the PSU.

  Stuartli 18:25 16 Jun 2008

IIRC the correct term is "Good Post".

  chub_tor 19:07 16 Jun 2008

These are not system beeps this is the beep as Stuartli says should be the norm to say "Good Post". That's the one I don't get.

  MAT ALAN 19:10 16 Jun 2008

Course it is, me idiot, sorry about that, gonna keep lookin tho!!!

  Fingees 19:31 16 Jun 2008

I built a machine last year, using a MSI motherboard.

On completion, I queried with the supplier that there were no post beeps.

I was told there was not meant to be, and if there was a great problem it would emit a loud screech.

Since then, I have found that many new pcs no longer use post beeps.

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