turn A4 poster into A3

  palinka 15:58 11 May 2007

Is there a simple way to do this? Using Publisher I designed and printed an A4 poster, in colour, for a coffee morning.
Now I want to enlarge it to A3 to put outside the venue on the day.
Should be easy enough, tiling it with 2 x A4 sheets (I can't print A3); but I can't work out how to a) make sure the fonts are big enough for the new size and b)ensure that it needs only 2 sheets of A4 - in the past I rememebr it insisting that 4 sheets were needed.
I want it in full colour, otherwise i'd take it to a photocopier and enlarge it and our nearest such is only b&w.

  palinka 17:09 11 May 2007

solved the first step - create blank A3 publisher doc; insert text from A4 poster; but then still have to enlarge each line of text by trial and error. But it still wnats me to tile using 4 sheets, when logic says turn it sideways and print on only 2 A4 sheets. But there seems no way to make it do that.

This may not help but I have a canon and an hp printer and both offer a facility to create a larger result using two or more A4s.

The fun comes when you trim and paste together!

  pj123 17:44 11 May 2007

I just gave it a go. Not perfect, but with a bit of fiddling it could be made to work. Probably waste a few sheets of paper sorting it out.

As a certain Disc Jockey said: "This is what I did"

In Publisher go to File, Page Setup, select Special Size. Underneath that drop the Menu down and choose Custom. Change the width from 21 to 42cm. Leave as Portrait and OK it.

I used WordArt and typed in some words, a lot of mumbo jumbo but all I did was fill the area completely. Sorted out the colours and put a drop shadow in as well.

Now the printing. I have an Epson R220 which prints borderless. In the print Properties I set it up to print text and image on plain paper.
In the paper size (default A4) I dropped the menu down and selected A3. It came up with an error message about not being able to print on A3 but I took no notice of that and printed anyway.

It printed out on 2 A4 portrait sheets.

This is where you may have to fiddle it about a bit because it wasn't quite centred and because some lines of type were longer than others it seemed to reduce them to fit.

It might be worth trying to get all your typed lines roughly the same length, for instance.

Give it a whirl, you can only waste a few sheets of paper!!

  pj123 17:48 11 May 2007

Oh, 2 posts while I was trying and then typing up my results. But I did get a fairly good result. Using a Photo Trimmer the two sheets joined up nicely.

  palinka 18:05 11 May 2007

thanks everyone. The Epson I'm using at the moment doesn't offer the option of A3 as pj123 suggested, so I've had no choice but to tile with 4 sheets.
Now I've trimmed and stuck it together I feel the text is not large enough after all, so I may have to resort to a paint brush if I want it to be visible from the other side of the road. But thank you all for your efforts on my behalf.

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