TuneUp Utilities and RAM queries

  OllyP123 09:46 16 Feb 2011


I have a couple of questions to ask, if you be so kind as to help me! :) I should mention that while I am fairly intelligent in general, I have absolutely no computer skills beyond turning the damn thing on!

1. I recently bought some software for my laptop, and with it came a free licence for TuneUp Utilities 2010. I have done some reading about it, and since my laptop is getting quite old, it could do with speeding up. However, I have also read mixed reviews of TuneUp - some people say it's great, but others say it's worthless and if anything slows the computer down even more. My question is, should I use it? I wouldn't buy it, but since it was free, is it worth trying it?

2. I've also been thinking about adding more RAM to my laptop, and according to crucial.com, I can do so. I've read on here that it can be done by a layman such as myself, but is it more difficult to add RAM to a laptop? Also, both my RAM slots are taken up, but one of the cards is not the maximum capacity my laptop can handle. Is it really as simple as just removing the old one and putting a new one in it's place?

Many thanks in advance for your help!

  wee eddie 10:47 16 Feb 2011

RAM - The price of RAM is said to be very low at the moment. Remove all the old RAM and replace it with the most that your Lappy will hold. (Buy from Crucial, they will sort you out if there are any problems) I don't think that it matters much if that is made up of 1 Stick or 2.

TuneUp is outside my experience as I use CCleaner (free) and the Built-in Windows Defragmenter. I also use Secunia (free) to warn me if any of my Software is un-patched.

  OllyP123 11:26 16 Feb 2011

Thanks very much for the quick replies and good advice!

Since you both use CCleaner and I've seen it mentioned a lot elsewhere, I'm guessing it's safe to say that it is an efficient and trustworthy tool, so I think I'll look into it!

Also, after a more thorough reading of the crucial.com scan report, it says that the '32-bit versions of Windows will see (and utilize) only 3GB or 3.5GB.' I think I've got the 32-bit version of Vista, so another question that comes to mind is - would it be worth installing more RAM? I mean, I already have 3GB, and even though my laptop can handle 4GB, would the last 512MB be totally ignored by my version of Vista?

I'm sorry for the continued questions and my clear lack of knowledge, but thank you anyway! :)

  rickf 12:33 16 Feb 2011

There is no point if you are running a 32bit system as it'll only utilize and see 3g as said. If however at some point you were to change to a 64bit system then it's worth it.

  OllyP123 12:39 16 Feb 2011

Ok, that's all sorted then!

Thanks for your help, people! :)

  timsmith259 14:06 20 Feb 2011

you can download ccleaner from filehippo.com

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