TuneUp Utilities 2006

  iqs 18:22 02 Oct 2007

Hello.Do any of the forum members use this software?.Have you noticed a difference after use?,good or bad?.

  Technotiger 18:44 02 Oct 2007

I have used it since it first appeared last year. I can't honestly say if it has made any particular difference because my PC is fast enough for me, and I take good care to make sure I don't get hit with nasties of any sort. I like the one-click maintenance, it is quick and I guess it does its job very well. All I can say really, is that I am continually amazed at how many people have so many problems time and time again. I dare to say it - I don't have problems, other than little niggles usually of my own making!

I also use AVG/Sunbelt Pers Firewall/Ad-Aware/CCleaner/AntiSpyware Bot/RegClean(Paid for version) and Diskeeper.

Plus I think my fair share of ordinary Common Sense!

  Shortstop 18:52 02 Oct 2007

I regularly used the 'one click' clean up [which is really at least 3 clicks :o)] and believe that it does a good job clearing out the system. The other options such as the Registry cleaner/defrag, start up & the customise are all as good as any other program.

Does it make a marked difference? Well, I'm told by others that my [older] PC is quite fast although personally I've never really noticed a difference. Also the ability to stop non-essential programs launching at start up can free RAM. Be aware though that there are a myriad of free programs that will do the same thing [CCleaner click here, FreeRam XP click here etc.] but it is good having all these together in one place IMHO.

Do I like/recommend it? Well, I've now bought the 2007 version but interestingly this no longer has the one click clean up ....



  iqs 19:33 02 Oct 2007

Technotiger and Shortstop.Thanks for replying.

Like you both my PC is quite fast,and I probably use the same software as you to maintain its performance.To be honest I don't have any real issues to resolve.

TuneUp Utilities 2006 was recommended to me ,as the saviour of my friends PC.So she says..

Before I purchassed it,I thought I would ask for any good or bad experiences.The feedback from users of Download.com rate it as one of the best.

From the tests I have run,the only findings which would benefit my PC are the suggested interent connection fixes.But I'm not sure if I have selected the correct connection type via Internet Optimization.I have Virgin Cable 20mb .

If you don't mind please,could you confirm the correct internet option,and if I post the results,could you confirm if the recommended changes are necessary.

Thank you for your help.It is appreciated.Cheers

  Technotiger 19:38 02 Oct 2007

Before I have even seen your results, I would say, if your pc is working ok and not giving you problems - "if it aint broke, don't fix it" ........

  Shortstop 19:53 02 Oct 2007

To be honest, these internet 'optimisation' things very rarely give fantastic improvements. I allowed Tune Up 2006 to change my settings and expected the same kind of results as the old advert for Pentium - where you see someone sitting at a PC looking like they are going at 100mph in an open top car! No such thing happened and I truly say that I cannot see any improvement at all.

If this is the sole reason for the program I would forget it. It is a nice little housekeeping tool [to keep the PC clean & removing rubbish that others won't find] but any more than that is hype.



  mymate 19:55 02 Oct 2007

I have a paid for version and my friend has a 30 day trial .My friends 30 day trial is 6 months old now and still works !!
I dont know if its does any good but i think the same as Shortstop the "one click"clean up is good.

  rawprawn 20:04 02 Oct 2007

I used to use it but found it more usefull as a cosmetic assistant than anything else. It's OK but you can do it all yourself with free programs.

  iqs 20:51 02 Oct 2007

Technotiger, Shortstop,mymate and rawprawn

I agree,if its not broke ,don't fix it.
I am always wary of products which alledge improved PC performance,especially the paid versions.But this particular one caught my eye.Not sure why.
I will continue to use my trusted applications.
Thanks again for all your help.Regards,Mike

  Technotiger 21:01 02 Oct 2007

That is generally the best way ... Cheers!

  Spud 16:37 03 Oct 2007

Using windows XP for some reason my internal cd/dvd has stopped working, will light up when machine starts but will not read any discs or play them.

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