Tune up your browser - and iron out any problems

  Lú-tzé 09:27 21 May 2003

click here for FredLanga's browser tune - non-invasive, private and free.

It's been on the go since 1997 but the latest version has just been released.

There are no downloads and no changes to be made (other than the emptying of temp files if you wish).

Useful and takes about 10 minutes in total.

  GroupFC 09:58 21 May 2003

Thanks just putting it into my postings, for when I get home tonight.

  Pesala 11:18 21 May 2003

Most of the tests ran fine in Opera 7.11, but I can no longer see the message body in some emails, and checking for new emails causes errors.

The promises on the Website that these tests cannot possibly cause problems with your browser do not seem to stand up in practice.

  Lú-tzé 11:34 21 May 2003

Pesala I'm sorry to hear that; will you be kind enough to pass on the results to Fred Langa? I am sure that he would be interested and will offer some help.

Mailto:[email protected]?subject=Browser_tune_problems

  Pesala 12:36 21 May 2003

I already submitted a bug report. I am still trying to recover my old emails. I restored my mail folder from backup, but cannot see my old emails yet. Maybe I need to edit an index file or something.

No hard feelings. These thing happen with computers and just serve to prove how complex software is. Trying to figure out why this happened may not be easy, but it did happen. I regularly update and use AVG antivirus, and I ran a check after the problem without finding any virus. The email was fine before I ran the test, though I did sometimes experience authentication errors when checking email.

Something to do with my website being moved to a different server perhaps.

My email and browser now seem to be working normally. I will post back in this thread if I discover anything significant. In the meantime, I would STRONGLY ADVISE against running these tests, though the test themselves seem to have been well designed and could be very useful for tuning up your browser. Opera passed most tests, including the character encoding tests, but I obviously need to download some multimedia plug-ins for AVI AUFF MOV and MPEG files.

  Pesala 14:00 21 May 2003

Windows ME • 352 Mbytes RAM • S3 onboard Graphics • 1Ghz AMD CPU • NTL Home BB

Scripting performance has a large effect on your overall Web experience: Many, many elements of web sites are controlled by scripts.

In our scripting tests, higher scores are better: Your general scripting test score of 125 would have been around 779 if you ran Microsoft IE, around 580 with Mozilla, and around 907 with Netscape.

Your window-and-text scripting scores of 1850 would have been about 154 if you ran Microsoft IE, around 449 with Mozilla, and around 486 with Netscape.

Looks like Opera is slow in some areas, but very fast in others.

  Lú-tzé 17:18 21 May 2003

I'm ticking this as resolved; I think it might cause problems again and don't want to be the cause of that.

I am surprised at this; I have used it for years on various PCs without any problems that those Pesala has experienced.

  Pesala 21:42 21 May 2003

I ran the browser tests again, but this time opted not to have results emailed to me. The tests completed OK, with no adverse effect on my email. Therefore could it be something to do with the emails sent to me as part of the test?

Only way to find out is try again. Maybe later.

  Pesala 22:26 21 May 2003

Ran the tests again, this time asking for email notification of the results, but received no email this time. So I cannot repeat the test. I guess others will just have to take a chance.

Backup your email first!!!

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