Tryring to connect new laptop - problems!

  Sapphira C 08:42 14 Aug 2009

Hi, could someone help me please (I am a novice)!

I took delivery of a new Toshiba Satellite L300 25H Wireless Laptop yesterday and when I tried to connect it to the internet I got a message on the screen telling me to contact Belkin (I had never heard of them). I did so and all they can tell me is that someone nearby has a Belkin network and I should chat with them. I don't want any of that.

Now, I am stuck on a screen saying 'select a network to connect to' and showing this Belkin -enabled message again along with others that say 'unsecured network'. I do not have wireless at home. Was I naive in thinking that all I had to do was plug it in and it would be up and running?

Does this also mean I have to buy a wireless router? If so I thought it would be included in the purchase.

Could someone, please, help me out here - in 'layman's speak' if possible.

I am demented this morning!!

Much obliged


  ambra4 09:47 14 Aug 2009

“I do not have wireless at home”

You need to “Disable” the wireless card on the Toshiba Satellite Laptop

Start – Setting - Network Connection - Right click-“Wireless Area Connection”- Click “Disable”

“Was I naive in thinking that all I had to do was plug it in and it would be up and running?”


The Toshiba Satellite L300 25H “Wireless” Laptop will only connect to a wireless broadband

system vie the following method

1 – You have a broadband service to the house either via the phone line or via the cable company

line and connected to a “Modem and a “Wireless Router”

click here

“Wireless Internet”

click here

2 – You have a Mobile Wireless broadband service via an ISP using a special Wireless Adapter

that you connect to a USB port on the laptop

click here

  Sapphira C 11:32 14 Aug 2009


Thank you so much for both your honestly and your help!


  ambra4 13:29 14 Aug 2009

Always willing to assist where I can If you have any more questions post back and one of the forum member will assist you

All the best and enjoy your new laptop


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