Trying to watch a dvd on ps2

  misters 18:24 22 Feb 2003

I recently aquired a few dvd's and i hve been trying to watch them on my ps2 but with no joy all i'm getting is a black and white picture with subtitles, the subtitles are in english so are the actors on screen. Can anybody maybe tell me what's happening? Not sure if it's the console or the dvd's as i dont have any other dvd to try out.
thanx in advance.

  Theonewhowatchesoveryou 18:38 22 Feb 2003

sounds like a simple prob of the tv not tuned in correctly, or as you have "aquired" the dvd's they are either the wrong region or pirates, (sorry if this is not the case). As an aside, I had reason to return a dvd to blockbusters as it was unreadable, the manager informed me that he has loads of the most recent films returned for the same reason, but it has transpired that watching films on a ps2 tends to scratch the disc and ruin it. now when he hands the film over he asks if it is going to used on a ps2!!

  misters 18:53 22 Feb 2003

Pretty sure the tv is tuned ok, as for the reion settings can i chang them if so how.

Just like to add, not sure if they are pirate or not they came very convincing if they are.

  tran1 19:43 22 Feb 2003

Is your Playstation an Import?

I ask becuase, if it is, then you will need an NTFS compatible TV. I have a DVD player which has two modes NTFS and normal PAL. If I use the player with a PAL TV, I switch the player to PAL setting. otherwise, it plays in Black and white. PLaying on an NTFS TV and need to switch the player to NTFS.

My imported Nintendo 64 did the same. I could only play games in colour on an NTFS TV.

Any player or playstation bought outside the country that is not PAL and probaby will be NTFS, will need to be played on an NTFS TV.

If your DVDs are import movies then they can only be played on an NTFS TV otherwise they play in black and white.

  tran1 20:06 22 Feb 2003

Just wanted to mention. If they are Pirate DVDs, then I'm pretty sure they will be in NTFS format. If you have an PAL Tv set they they will only play in black and white.

  hugh-265156 08:12 23 Feb 2003

how is the ps2 connected to the tv?if you are using the composite lead/scart adapter(that comes with it)go into the display settings menu and make sure that it is set up for will have the choice of this or rgb.make sure the tv is on the correct av channel.most tvs auto switch to this when you turn the console may be b/w if you are on svideo will have noticed i said that the ps2 can be set to output rbg this is superior to composite but when using an rgb lead to play back a dvd the screen will go have disabled the red and blue in the signal they say to stop copying dvds at high quality.this is a strange excuse as macrovision already stops copying.there is however a disc made by datel called the region x.this lets you use an rgb lead without it going green and you can also play multi region dvds.the difference in picture quality is great.rgb leads are not made for the ps2 but you can get them for psone and they work with ps2 cost about £4.99.dvd region x info click here

  misters 19:43 23 Feb 2003

Can I just add that a friend says i need a Modchip, is this true or do i just need a tv thats NTFS compatable.

I noticed that my ps2 can be either PAL or NTFS would this make any difference or does my tv still have to be NTFS.

  hugh-265156 05:12 24 Feb 2003

if bought in this country its a pal ps2 us/jap ntsc not ntfs.most modern tvs will be ntsc compatable but you will need to use a scart connection and make sure that its connected to av1 scart on the tv. most tvs now have 2 or more inputs but usually only av1 supports multi region not chip or mod your ps2 it will void the warranty for starters may even kill it.if you can already play the dvds even though its b/w it sounds like a set up prob.why?pal ps2s will not even attempt to play pirate and or ntsc discs.recheck all the display settings/leads etc.

  mcullum_DX4Life 06:02 24 Feb 2003

Do TV's have harddrives? lol NTSC

  cream. 06:59 24 Feb 2003

Could it be a design fault for televisions built in 2000 or those advertising a total picture eXPerience? lol

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