Trying to upgrade my memory!

  ianturnbull 23:33 27 May 2005

I am trying to upgrade the RAM in my 5 year old Gateway computer with a Brookings motherboard. Having run a check of the computer on the Crucial website, I can apparently upgrade to a maximum of 512MB. The type of memory is a 133Mhz Non Parity SDRAM 168 pin DIMM. There are two memory slots, one of which is empty. I bought a 512MB Aries RAM of the correct type, but it does not even allow me to run my OS, which is XP home.

Is the memory I bought incompatible or will it be faulty? Should I have bought two 256MB RAM cards?

  Rtus 00:00 28 May 2005

have you removed your old mem strip ? or added the aries one to It. however if you checked the board on crucials mem advisor , why not buy from there ? they do give excelent service...In my opinion ,the aries mem is likely to be generic & anyones guess who made it let alone if compatible with your board . however if you quoted it was for specific HP model / motherboard & it doesnt work ,you should have no problem returning it for refund,

  Rtus 00:49 28 May 2005

just a thought did you pop it into the same slot you took the old one from , another Hp irritant is on some of their past boards while 512 is max permissable the slot can only be populated by 2 x 256 mem strips .your motherboard data would give this info .If there is one. I guess if its max mem is 512mb its a lot older tye of board.

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