Trying to Understand Speedfan

  Legslip 15:42 17 Feb 2015

My PC has an i5 processor. Speedfan shows a CPU temp of 87 degrees but each of the four cores is running at 27 degrees. I thought the CPU was made up of the four cores? Not understanding why it is showing hot. I have tried replacing the thermal paste but made no difference. Any ideas?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:06 17 Feb 2015

Not used it in a long while try this tutorial

  Legslip 16:53 17 Feb 2015

Thanks fruit bat and good to hear from you. I am afraid the tutorial was not of much use with understanding my problem. My concern is that the processor is shown as overheating but the cores are shown as being at a normal temperature. It just seems a statement of conflict.

  bumpkin 17:08 17 Feb 2015

You could try speccy to check the temps just in case it is getting too hot.

  Legslip 17:34 17 Feb 2015

Thanks Bumkin. Can you or someone explain? I thought the four cores (it is an i5 quad core processor) constituted the Cpu. If the cores are running cool why is the Cpu shown as overheating.

  Bris 18:09 17 Feb 2015

There is a comprehensive description on the web but unfortunately I am unable to include the link as this sites filters are reporting it as spam which it is not, however, if you put "guide to understanding Intel temperatures" into a search engine you should see an entry by Techreaction. Follow this link and take a look in particular at the paragraph headed "stuck" sensors.

Although it is dated 2009 it is still relevant.

  BRYNIT 20:51 17 Feb 2015

From what I understand but could be wrong, the cores will have individual temperatures depending on how they are being used. The CPU should be showing an average temperature of the 4 cores. If the 4 cores are showing a temperature of 27c the CPU should should show an average temperature of approx 27c. If the fan on the CPU are running at a normal speed the problem is with the program you are using or the way you are interoperating the numbers.

Just to check the temperatures without complicating things I would as bumpkin has said download Speccy this will just tell you the temperatures of your computer.

  robin_x 21:37 17 Feb 2015

Also see if Core Temp reports correctly.

(can be set to Start with Windows etc if it works and is suitable for you instead of Speedfan)

click here

  Legslip 01:24 18 Feb 2015

Thanks all. I will try some suggestions later today and report back.

  Legslip 19:00 18 Feb 2015

UPDATE! Bloomin Speedfan..... Think it was giving me a false positive. Loaded both Speccy and Core Temp and although they don't show CPUS temperature they reported all four cores running normally. I checked in the BIOS and that did show a CPU temp of 28 degrees, normal!

Speedfan put me to extra work what with dismantling the CPU fan and re thermal pasting. Won't catch me again.

Thanks for all your input.

  BRYNIT 10:17 19 Feb 2015


Speccy usually opens with a summery on the right you will see the CPU listed with it's average temperature. If you clicked on the CPU on the left column you would have found the individual temperatures and the average temperature.

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