Trying to transfer video/tv to PC

  freddy-firecracker 21:15 10 Mar 2005

Hi, i have got a Medion (7134) WDM video capture card on my pc, i was trying to copy a video onto my pc via the scart(video) to the aux/video in (red,yellow,white). I was trying to use Cyberlink powerproducer and windows movie maker but i could not get it set up correctly. The best i got with Moviemaker was a fuzzy screen. Does anybody know if i am doing anything wrong as i want to convert a few homemovies from my old video camera.



  Technotiger 21:24 10 Mar 2005

Hi, I am not familiar with your capture card but, I use a cheap Hauppage TVGo PCI TV card.
I have a normal VCR connected to it and can play vhs, and capture to pc is quite straight-forward. Can also connect my camcorder via the vcr.


  rambus 21:56 10 Mar 2005

freddy,dont even bother, it takes hours and hours the way you are doing it, dead easy if you have a digital camcorder and a firewire port.
but uploading analogue video, then encoding into digital,then editing and burning, will drive you nuts.90 min can take about 6-7 hours maybe alot longer depending on spec of pc.

  freddy-firecracker 11:19 11 Mar 2005

Can you tell me what your set up is and what software you use as i may have it wrongly configured??



  Technotiger 13:50 11 Mar 2005

Hi again, my setup is xp-home/sp2, I use the software which came with the card, namely WinTV2000. I have an indoor TV arial connected to a vcr which in turn is connected to the tv card - (the same way as you would normally connect any vcr to any tv.) - I can view all normal tv channels on my pc, and when I run a vhs video, watch that also on pc. I can also connect my camcorder via scart to the vcr which means of course that I can watch my camcorder tapes on pc as well. Anything I can view on pc, I can also if I wish, capture to pc. The rest, as they say, is history.


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