Trying to tidy up my PC and...

  Gadge3791 13:36 28 Jan 2007

whilst ruuning the Disc defrag tool it gets so far and says that I have a corrupt file "WER6a44.dir00" so it can not continue,

Anyone any ideas what this is and how I get rid of it?

  Technotiger 14:00 28 Jan 2007

Hi, I would suggest you run RegScrub, let it fix all problems found (maybe several hundred - not unusual) and then try again.

click here

Also I use and recommend Iobit Smart Defrag, saves a lot of messing about.

click here

  Gadge3791 15:49 28 Jan 2007

Thanks it cleared most of them up but left a few the proper version to clean them all up.

Scanning the disc using that Iobit smart defrag but again it has said that WER6a44.dir00 is unreadable run the "Chk dsk utility"? what is this?

The defrag is still actually going so I'll leave it running while it is still going, Any ideas on how to run the Chk dsk utility?


  Technotiger 15:58 28 Jan 2007
  ACOLYTE 15:58 28 Jan 2007

Open my computer right click the hard drive select
properties/tools and click the check now button
click fix file system errors box and hit ok.It will probably tell you it cant do it while windows is in use so it will set it for next reboot.Reboot the pc and let chk disk run.
Stop the defrag first though).


  Gadge3791 16:05 28 Jan 2007

Cheers I'll give it ago!!!

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