Trying to set up a network using a 5port switch.

  Legolas 13:39 02 Apr 2003

I have a Planet 5 port switch and I am having no joy in getting my network to work when using it. I previously had my network set up using a USB cable modem and the network ran from the NIC card in the host to the NIC card in the client using Xcable this worked no problem with all the setting up being done automatically by WinXP.

I decided to use a switch so I could access the internet on the client machine even when the host was switched off. The cable modem I am using has an ethernet port so I changed from USB to an ethernet commection. I connected the modem to the switch and the NIC card to the switch and then from the switch to my client machine using a length of straight through cable. I can see both the host and client on the host machine but neither on the client machine and I can access the Internet ok on the host machine but not on the client machine. I am running XP on both machines. Anyone any ideas where I am going wrong?

  Legolas 13:54 02 Apr 2003

update!! I can now see the client machine on the client machine but not host.

  Legolas 16:41 02 Apr 2003


  Legolas 17:06 02 Apr 2003

ßéŁâ I was under the impression they were the same thing what is the difference and can I set up my network using the switch?

  Legolas 17:51 02 Apr 2003

Right so what I have is basically a hub but should I still not be able to to set up ICS and file sharing using a hub?

  Legolas 18:37 02 Apr 2003

Thanks ßéŁâ I have managed to get the file sharing working by manually putting in an IP and subnet mask address I still do not understand why I can set up my network with xover computer to computer but it does,nt work through a switch or hub using straight through. Anyone want to buy a 5 port switch :-)

  billyliv 19:23 02 Apr 2003

Hi Dont want to keep harping on but you were advised not so long ago to use a 'Router' Cheers, Bill

  Legolas 19:41 02 Apr 2003

Thanks for all your help ßéŁâ I obviously got the wrong end of the stick somewhere. The embarrassing thing is I am doing networking as part of a college computer HNC course but shhhhh dont tell anybody. Billyliv I can,t remember being advised to use a router but as I thought they were the same thing I probably was and ignored it, we all learn by our mistakes.

  billyliv 20:30 02 Apr 2003

Hi legolas, My sincerest apolagies. I was confusing your post with a posting by 'Clayton' and your earlier post about xover cables. I will accept a belt around the 'ear oles' Cheers, Bill

  Legolas 20:36 02 Apr 2003

No probs

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