Trying to send email kills all Internet activity

  phono 22:29 14 Feb 2007

I have lost the ability to send email from my PC and further to this, any mail program that I use, OE6, Outlook and Thunderbird all exhibit the same symptoms as follows:

I can receive email without any problem but as soon as I try to do a send the mail client will just sit there as if it is sending and at the same time all Internet activity ceases to work. To compound the matter if I close the program down it is still showing as running in Task Manager and it refuses to close when I try killing the process, any web browser or other mail client that I attempt to use will then also exhibit the same symptoms and eventually everything becomes so un-responsive I have to do a reset.

I have checked and double checked the server settings, reset the TCP/IP and Winsock stacks but still no luck.

I can download email without problems, surf the net and even use webmail but not an email client.

I also tried the telnet command in the form, telnet 25 (not literally and this too will exhibit exactly the same symptoms as any of the mail programs.

Has anybody got any suggestions before I have to resort to a restore, or worse still, a dreaded reinstall, as rather curiously, I do not have a repair option coming up when I boot from my XP Home CD.

  phono 23:30 14 Feb 2007


  brundle 01:51 15 Feb 2007

Using a third party firewall? If not and even though the built in one only scans incoming traffic, try resetting it to clean-install defaults.
Type the following command at the CMD prompt;



  phono 02:13 15 Feb 2007

Brundle you're a star, it transpires it is Zonealarm that is causing the problem, if I turn it off all is okay, if I re-enable the problems come back again.

I have no idea as to why because I have been using it for years now without problem and I certainly didn't change any settings.

I shall investigate some more in the morning to see what the exact problem is, I'm behind a hardware firewall anyway so I'm not too concerned at the moment, Zonealarm is just used for controlling outgoing stuff.

  terryf 04:12 15 Feb 2007

I have a hardware firewall in my router and turned off the winxp firewall since I got bband early last year and I have never found the need to have a software firewall.

  Miros 07:39 15 Feb 2007


  phono 22:41 15 Feb 2007


I have been away all day so could not get back until now, I have gone through ZA and checked all settings but can see nothing wrong so far.

I have found if I try and send email with ZA on the mail client sits there supposedly sending but it cannot be stopped, or terminated from Task Manager, and eventually the whole PC becomes un-responsive, If I close down ZA before this happens however, everything goes back to normal, so it is obviously a problem with ZA.

Do you think an uninstall and reinstall of ZA might help?


The only reason I have ZA is to keep outgoing communications in check, I feel it is nice to be able to control what may be trying to "call home", a bit "belt and braces" I suppose but that's me.

  Technotiger 23:03 15 Feb 2007

Why not uninstall ZA and use instead click here

Kerio is free, for the first month you actually get the Full (as paid for) version, after that it reverts to the Free version, which is still excellent, and much easier to use than ZA.

I liked it so much, I bought the Full version after the first month.

  Technotiger 23:08 15 Feb 2007

Download Kerio Free from here ...

click here

  woodchip 23:08 15 Feb 2007

ZoneAlarm is doing what you have set it up to do. stop outgoings

  woodchip 23:09 15 Feb 2007

I think you need to go through the settings again you see what it is stopping

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