Trying to replace contents of domain with newbuild

  Diemmess 11:16 10 Jul 2006

I am a complete novice in web matters.
In at the deep end taking over a running website from a man who is difficult to contact or provide help. (He's on holiday anyway at present.)

He apparently used Front Page I have used NOF and have a new site published locally and attempted to publish on the domain.

Anxious not to spoil the previous site "namepc" until the new one is OK, I called mine "namex".
Used the host to do a full backup as it was at this stage, to my own computer.

All my files appear in the host (www)list.
Now I'm stuck.
Had a "fun day" yesterday trying to upload my stuff instead of the original. Used the host's support email and livechat. I think they barely disguised "What a Wally" and ignored later attempts for enlightenment.

They recommended to delete public_html then Upload Files.
Easier said than done!
Created a new public_html and on clicking Upload Files am presented with a table of items to browse..... what do I choose?

A new day and a fresh approach.....
The old website remains and seems functional.

Back to NOF, I have saved 'namex' as 'namepc', published it locally, and find it runs as it should.
What now?
Do I try to publish to the host using 'namepc', and expect to overwrite the 'namepc' already there?
If or when I come to Upload Files, how?
"It can't be that difficult! Is it me, a slow learner?" 12:31 10 Jul 2006

but it's not adviseable. It may leave folders lying about that have slightly different names, and this will confuse you even more.

If I were you I would download a free FTP client such as Filezilla or SmartFTP and delete everything that you have up there. Then upload the new site.

If you are a bit nervous, you can always use the FTP to download the existing site to your hard drive until you are certain the other one is OK.

Good luck, Whiz....

  Diemmess 12:47 10 Jul 2006

Will explore the delights of yet more new territory (to me)

I sensed this would be the way to go, but will be brave and "follow the prompts".

I have already used the Host ( software to make a full backup on my HD.

  Diemmess 13:47 10 Jul 2006

Object -
To upload a NOF prepared site to a domain/host.

Because there is a similar but obsolete site already there I am recommended to delete the old one first.

I have dowloaded Filezilla but am so far baffled by a load of new terms.

I'm farly sure NOF will put the new site there when the original has been deleted/cleared out, but can someone give me a simple way to get rid of the obsolete site on that domain?

  ade.h 14:41 10 Jul 2006

When testing a site on its intended server rather than my own freespace, I make a new sub-folder and load the site into that, which NOF is more than happy to do; all the links will still work, but your index URL will be http: //www. test/index.html

  Diemmess 16:09 10 Jul 2006

Now certain I need to clear the domain of as much as possible and then republish my own similar site to the domain.

The host company 'Livechat' say delete the contents of public_html
when I do this and find the site on the web nothing has changed.

What do you recommend as a way of clearing the domain before publishing?

  ade.h 16:36 10 Jul 2006

I always use Smart FTP. You'll need to log into the site with your FTP details and look at the folder structure. When you reach a folder that you want to remove, right-click it and select Delete.

I can understand if you're not too confident with an FTP program, and I would be happy to take a look at the site structure for you. If you'd like me to, send your login details (FTP address, username and password) via PM, but I won't be offended at all if you don't want to do that. :-)

Either way, I'm happy to help!

  ade.h 19:34 10 Jul 2006

I've had a look over your server structure and sent you a fairly lengthy email with some screenshots. I hope this will help you somewhat. Any questions, no matter how small, you know where to come!


  ade.h 20:20 10 Jul 2006

Another thought.

Your top-level index page must be from Frontpage, not NOF, because of its htm extension. NOF uses html extensions by default.

So you won't see your new site until you either get the correct file structure and all the new files in place, or publish the new site to a test folder as per one of my earlier posts.

For this, you would create a new top-level folder with a suitable name and enter the name of that folder in the Directory entry in NOF's FTP profile settings. So your first page would be http: //www. test/index.html, which you would have to type manually to reach it - hence only for test purposes while not harming the existing site.

It seems that your attempt to upload from NOF has harmed the existing site structure, something that I experienced recently with one of my own sites. It was easily cured by clearing out my mistakes and starting afresh.

  ade.h 21:43 10 Jul 2006

And another thing...

I noticed that your images - the ones from the new site, I think - have some uppercase in their file names. This is generally a no-no, really. File names should be all lowercase. 23:00 10 Jul 2006

the lot, and then let NOF create the new folders for you.

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