Trying to record audio cassette tapes to my pc

  micemews 22:35 11 Jun 2008

I am trying to copy audio tapes to my pc. I have downloaded some free software called Wavepad in order to do this. I have made the correct connections from the line out connectors on my cassette player to the line input on my pc. I set the Wavepad Control Box as instructed but when I press the record button there is no movement in the either the recording or playback meters although the sound is coming through the speakers.

Moving the slider control on playback meter does increase or decrease the volume, but moving the slider control on the recording meter does nothing.

Is anyone able to offer any solution to this problem please. Or is there any other software that I could try to use. I have Nero 6 but I don't know if it is possible to use it for this purpose.

  m800afc 22:40 11 Jun 2008

I would suggest you use Audacity.

click here

  grey george 22:59 11 Jun 2008

Is there an option to select the source? If from an external tape deck it should be set to line in, assuming you're connecting via audio jacks to three mini jack plug into line in on audio card.

  micemews 23:06 11 Jun 2008

Yes I have selected line in and I am using line out L & R on the cassetee deck into one line in on the pc

  eedcam 07:40 12 Jun 2008

Have you checked line in is not muted onyour audio recording settings Start > settings>control panel> sounds and audio devices clcik the aidio tab and click on recording devices make sure line in is ticked
You may also right click on the wee speaker icon and choose adjust audio dvices

  grey george 16:20 12 Jun 2008

I've just rememberd that when I did this with Roxio I got no action until I hit the record button, then the level meters start to go up and down and you can start or pause the recording. It was a little off putting because you thought you were starting the recording but it just putting you in record mode.

  [email protected] 15:57 13 Jun 2008

"although the sound is coming through the speakers"...
PC speakers or cassette player speakers?
Portable cassette player or cassette deck?
You may think "Line out" and "Line in", by definition, only requires a cable in between but often the "Line out" connections of audio equipment is designed for additional amplifying equipment in which there is also a first stage pre-amplifier, so it may be the pre-amp you are missing.
If the sound is from your PC, then it has to be a software and/or configuration issue as eedcam suggests.
Be careful about hooking up older audio equipment to your PC as some tuner amps have a "controlled" line out - that is, the volume control of the equipment also controls the size of the line out signal!

  micemews 16:07 13 Jun 2008

Thank you very much everyone for your help. I have now resolved the problem which was that the Line In on the Recording Devices was not ticked (thanks eedcam).

m800afc suggested that I use Audacity for the purpose of recording and I downloaded it but at this stage I felt it was a bit too complicated for me but I will certainly give it a try when I have know a bit more about this subject and have a bit more confidence.

One thing surprised me after using Wavepad was that it had altered my sound settings so that the volume was very low. It took me a few minutes to spot what had happened and to reset them to previous levels.

  eedcam 16:36 13 Jun 2008

Glad you are sorted thanks for letting us know .Dont be afraid of audacity it is pretty straight forward and plenty of advisors on here

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