trying to play old dos game on new laptop - colour

  olney_ben 09:30 31 May 2009

i am trying to play an old game on a new laptop. this game used to run ok on windows xp on my last pc, but my new laptop has vista and it wouldnt run. i reloaded with xp and the game loaded but colours were funny like this:
click here
so now tried a new partition formatted in fat32, and using a win98 boot cd i can load the game independent of windows but i still get the funny colours.
is this something to do with the graphics card on the laptop?
i thought it might be something in the bios but theres nothing much i can change in there.
hope someone knows the answer, thanks!

  octal 10:09 31 May 2009

You could try DOSBox which is a DOS emulator, I don't run Windows so I have to run all my DOS programs via DOSBox and they all run fine on that.
click here

  olney_ben 10:18 31 May 2009

thanks for that idea, i've tried that and for some reason the game runs really slow. i've googled this problem as well and it seems like others have had the slow running problem too. the game is championship manager season 97/98. i dont know a lot about dosbox to change settings but on the forums others have tried things no to avail. thats why i thought going back to basics with a new partition, without windows, might help! nothing's ever easy!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:52 31 May 2009

click here defend reloaded sorts out all the problems with running DOS games under windows.

Used it a few weeks ago to replay Duke NuKem.

  olney_ben 11:45 31 May 2009

wow that works.. adding the game with the wizard. although its still slightly slower than it was when it worked in xp. in the wizard i set cpu to maximum (3d games-even though its not) and also checked the extra memory box. is there anything else i can do?

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