Trying to load xp on new pc i've just put together

  cham 09:33 19 Apr 2004

i've got a problem trying to put xp on a new pc.
it starts loading xp and goes thru' the usual motions for about 1min 30secs checking the disk etc and then comes up with a blue screen error asking to recommence again.It says that it's a systemsetup error?
i have a 120gb hd,cdrw-rom,graphics card,128mb memory, all on a gigabyte board.
Someone has suggested that the memory i have is not enough to kick start a 120gb drive and that could be the problem? Any ideas plse...

  temp003 09:49 19 Apr 2004

Are you trying to install XP, or are you trying to load an existing copy of XP on the hard disk?

  poogles_uk 09:49 19 Apr 2004

Never heard that before, but 128mb is a bit low

  Smegs 09:53 19 Apr 2004

click here look halfway down the page. "Clean install of Xp"

  cham 09:57 19 Apr 2004

i'm trying to put xp on to this new hard drive,it's a disc i've used twice before with no probs. I have formatted the drive with no partitions and then tried it with partitioning 50/50, but with same response!
Surely the memory might be on the low side but it should still work on a 120gb hd,shouldn't it?

  temp003 10:04 19 Apr 2004

There's no problem with the amount of memory, just for installing XP.

Just recheck all your connections, fans and so on.

Check in BIOS that hard disk is detected.

Usually when something like that happens, the suggestion is try removing one stick of memory leaving only one in, in case one of the modules doesn't agree with XP installation. Don't know whether that's possible in your case.

What is the blue screen error message?

  cham 10:16 19 Apr 2004

connections treble checked, fans ok, using 1 stick of 128mb to start of with and all hardware incl. hard drive is detected on
bios. I will put up the exact error message in a while- just set it up now.

  georgemac 10:26 19 Apr 2004

why have you formatted the hard drive and what did you use? XP setup will give you the option to format the hard drive during setup, just boot from the xp cd rom

I had a problem once loading xp on a friends pc because it would not copy the files from the cd - I had to copy them to the hard drive first - I think I still have the instructions I got from the MS knowledgebase.

If your problems persist it may be worth downloading a memory test utility and checking your 1 stick of ram.

  cham 10:34 19 Apr 2004

I thought that xp does the format option too, but b'cause i didn't get as far as that on loading, 2 people suggested that i format the new hd!!
but thanxs 4 your mem. test utility suggestion-will give it a go.

  georgemac 10:38 19 Apr 2004

click here docmemory

  cham 11:14 20 Apr 2004


The blue stop error comes after windows setup has loaded files and comes on soon after setup is loading windows.
It reads as follows:
A problem has been detected & windows has been shut down to avoid damage to the pc.
The problem seems to be caused by the following file: Setupdd.sys
Tech info:***STOP 0x00000050(0xC368E131,0x00000000,0xF99D5417,0x00000000)
***setupdd.sys-Address F99D5417 base at F999E000,
Datestamp 3b7d8507.

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