Trying to get web cam to work.

  bumpkin 19:47 04 Oct 2012

Hi, found an old webcam that I am trying to fix up, probably about 3 or 4 yrs old. No make on it but it used to work OK. XP Home sees it but asks for a driver, it is USB device. Shows with the yellow question mark in Device Manager but under Driver Details it says "No driver files are required or have been loaded for this device" it does not show in Scanners & Cameras either. Any ideas please.


  Nontek 20:31 04 Oct 2012

Have you tried running Skype, and then looking in Tools>Options>Video settings??

  bumpkin 21:19 04 Oct 2012

Thanks for the suggestion but I have no idea how to do that. I have limited knowledge of Skype, I believe it to be a means of connecting webcams over the net but not something I have ever tried. When I said the camera worked in the past it did but I was only using it as a video device for my own PC ie record to disk or files, never actually used it as an online camera. If you think Skype would help is this something I can download?


  Nontek 21:26 04 Oct 2012

Yes, you can download Skype, just google for it, it is Free! Once installed, just follow my instructions as above. You will then be able to see your self on the screen if the webcam still works.

If any of your friends also have Skype you can video chat to each other for free.

You will need a microphone to talk on Skype, or you can simply type messages to each other within Skype.

  bumpkin 21:52 04 Oct 2012

Thanks again Nontek,I will give that a try. It has sound lead so I assume it has a mike. Not for me anyway, for my daughter no one wants to see my ugly mug including myself. If I does not work I will just buy another they are cheap enough I just hate wasting things.


  Nontek 21:56 04 Oct 2012

Let me know how you get on.

  bumpkin 22:50 04 Oct 2012

OK I give up, have downloaded Skype but cant find a "Video settings" option anywhere.

  Nontek 22:54 04 Oct 2012

In Skype go to Tools>Options and you will see Video settings .... when in Video Settings you should see your camera listed, if it does not appear click on the small black down-arrow alongside camera name space to see it.

  Nontek 22:59 04 Oct 2012
  Nontek 23:00 04 Oct 2012

Please ignore the ugly mug :-)

  bumpkin 23:04 04 Oct 2012

I go to profile completeness and it stops at 50%.

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