ARTY DAN 18:04 30 Nov 2005

I went in to the carphone warehouse yesterday the sales assistant asked who I was with for phone I said B.T. he told me what talk talk are offering

Inclusive daytime, evening & weekend calls - FREE for first six months!

Use your phone all the time? Join Talk 3 this month and you will also receive six months unlimited national landline calls FREE! As Talk 2 but with...

Free weekend, evening and daytime UK calls to all landlines, all of the time.
Monthly charge - FREE for first six months! £7.99 thereafter
Total: £9.99 per month for the first six months
£17.98 per month thereafter

anyone know if there any good I have signed up with toucan they have unlimited local and national calls for £9.99 and of course my bt rental per month which is £10.50 I have also signed up for broadband which £15.99 a month so toucan calls and the broadband together is very reasonable. but would be cheaper with talk talk anyone using them at the moment are they any good, thanks


  woodchip 18:17 30 Nov 2005

You need to check all with care as some have download Cap Limit per month

  ^wave^ 19:10 30 Nov 2005

try homecall

  amonra 19:18 30 Nov 2005

As woodchip says, check and double check. All these "free" offers are very tempting but analyse your telephone calls and cost them against the £xxx per month for "free" calls.
If you just want cheap calls, try 1899, I've used them for the last 9 months, very pleased.
Check them out at click here Lots of links to BB on this site and plenty of good advice.

  keewaa 19:38 30 Nov 2005

Tiscali have offered this for a least six months :

unlimited broadband and unlimited UK calls 24/7 for £19.99 + £10.50 BT rental

  Stuartli 20:18 30 Nov 2005

I've just found out, quite by chance whilst checking out potential new BB suppliers in place of Tiscali, that ToucanSurf appears to be a VISP (Virtual Internet Service Provider).

It seems that Toucan's BB supplier is none other than - yes you've guessed it - Tiscali.

Talk about out of the frying pan into the fire.

Toucan informs me that, despite what Tiscali claims and supplied me with for six months before ruining my service, that my line does support 2MB.

It charges £16.99 for 2MB BB unlimited - however, take up its cheap/free phone service as well and the cost drops to £15.99...:-)

  pavvi 00:20 12 Jan 2006

Did you sign on the dotted line? The offer was repeated in December and is still free for all calls to UK landlines for 3 months......BT are also increasing their line rental soon....

  Stuartli 12:02 12 Jan 2006

Tiscali now offers 2MB unlimited BB plus AnyTime calls for £19.99 - 2MB unlimited is normally £17.99.

But as a Tiscali subscriber trying to get the ISP to sort out a couple of simple but annoying problems....:-(

  Ikelos 14:54 12 Jan 2006

should have ask the guy in carphone warehouse what his commission was, as was said above, read the small print, no such thing as a free meal..

  pavvi 22:07 12 Jan 2006

Just compare the prices and the least with talktalk you can go into a carphone warehouse store and ask questions or make a query rather than talk to someone thousands of miles away!!!

  bluto1 22:30 12 Jan 2006

I agree with Stuartli. Until this week I`ve been on a dial-up and all phonecalls for £19.99 a month. With Tiscali I get 2Mb broadband, unlimited and all phonecalls for exactly the same price, and no, I do not work for them. I`m not looking forward to problems that will assuredly come, but Stuartli are the problems you`ve got something that can be solved by running the software disc? Sometime it works.

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