Trying to get AMD1700 working again

  misery 09:37 08 Mar 2008

Have a Gigabyte GA-7VXRP board,Athlon 1700, 2/512Mb ram,AGP Radeon 9550 vid card, 2/20Gb HDD, CD-RW. has not been used for about 8-9 months, but the BiOS clock still shows correct date and time. The HDDs do not have an O/S on either. Grandson desperate to take over!
Cannot get the unit to accept any operating system except DOS 6.22.
When booting the BIOS shows the two hdds and briefly the cd-rw. but when going into the BIOS there is no indication the cd drive is there to enable me to set the cd as the first boot.
I have installed the Atapi driver into DOS but to no avail.
Things now becoming a bit techy as grandson is hoping to colect next weekend! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  MAJ 09:42 08 Mar 2008

It's possible the CDRW drive is dead or dying, do you have a spare to try? It's also possible that there is a loose connection to the CDRW drive, check that out too.

  bjh 09:51 08 Mar 2008

UNLIKELY, but worth a go....

Is the CD drive getting enough power? If you disconnect both hard drives (and anything else -floppy even), then set the BIOS to boot from CD (if possible), then see if the CD is working.

It could be that it is a bit gummed up (technical term that probably indicates my skill level) and the extra boost of power at start up may get it going... try booting wit and without a cd in.

To install the os if the drive is dead (and you are waiting for a replacement), try putting the os on the hard drive when the hdd is hosted in another machine. If you put the os into a folder, then boot from floppy, you can then run the install directly from the hdd

  bjh 09:54 08 Mar 2008

MMmmmm that last bit is just so clear, I'll say it again.
i). Take HDD out of old machine, put it in a nice new one as a slave.
ii). Use nice shiny DVD drive in your new machine to copy CD to old HDD into folder called install.
iii). Put old HDD back in old machine.
iv). Boot from floppy, run setup from HDD.

v). once you know machine is working, order a new drive....

  bjh 09:56 08 Mar 2008

Another thought - faulty ide cable or ide controller... not ideal, but put cd drive on shared ribbon with one of the hdd... does it boot now?

Also, change the power supply of one of the working hdd with the cd, just in case that is faulty!

  misery 10:40 14 Mar 2008

Guys,(MAJ & bjh) Sorry for the delay in replying to you all but somethings, like her indoors, overtake everything;-)
Answer was duff cable and trying to run both cdr and HDD on it. All clear now and grandson very,very happy.
Thanks to you all. B

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