Trying to Find Previous Postings!

  spuds 12:49 11 Nov 2004

As the method of trying to find previous postings changed!.

This morning I have attempted to find a previous posting via the Helproom and ConsumerWatch columns. All attempts seem to fail at page 10 on both columns . In the Helproom the last posting available is dated 08/11/04, and the last posting available in ConsumerWatch is dated 21/09/04.

I have forgoten the actual title of the post that I am seeking, but trying to use a title or item article that I think was the subject matter only leads me to page stating not found or something similar.

The particular item that I am seeking was possibly by the FE,which I think was about a programme called 'copernic agent'.The post titles was possibly something like 'A Free Breakfast'.

Help and comments welcome.

  Stuartli 13:03 11 Nov 2004

There was a big clearout by PC Advisor's website staff a while back.

Ironically, previous postings can often be listed but cannot be called up.

All that work for nothing...:-))

  Shas 13:31 11 Nov 2004

Spuds, I think you may be referring to "There's no such thing as a free lunch", (Speakers Corner) which I think the last posting to was around 3 days ago.

  spuds 23:41 11 Nov 2004

Shas--That's the one that I was looking for.Found the article. Many thanks for your help.

Stuartli--Two/Three days previous postings doesn't really help a search, especially as 'cannot be found' seems to be the response.Thanks for the comments.

Will tick box, but problem not fully solved :o(

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