Trying to direct link 2 PCs - without success

  davehyde 23:09 19 Jan 2003
  davehyde 23:09 19 Jan 2003

I've just got a new PC running XP and have a old one running Windows95. Posted already for suggestions on migrating files and had a lot of them! Don't want to take the old drive out and put it in the new PC.

Trying direct cable connection (using printer ports LPT) and it's driving me mad! No matter how I set them up it just won't work. Downloaded some diagnostic software, but it won't run on XP!!

ANY suggestions welcomed. I just want to get it sorted, copy my files, and pension the old PC off...


  Lozzy 23:11 19 Jan 2003

buy 2 10\100 ethernet cards and a RJ45 Xover cable job done.. us the XP PC to create the network just follow the wizard

  duplo 23:18 19 Jan 2003

My father has connected two PC's Via serial cable... both run ME. He used a program called Laplink I think.

Very slow!

  jazzypop 23:21 19 Jan 2003

You are using a special bi-directional parallel cable, I presume? A standard printer cable won't do.

Assuming that you are, what are your printer ports set to in the BIOS of each machine?

Finally, starting a new thread on (essentially) the same topic does not allow everyone to see what has already been suggested and/or tried.

In your previous thread ( click here ), you were trying to use the serial ports. Have you now switched to using parallel?

  davehyde 00:03 23 Jan 2003

...wrists slapped!

My excuse is that I couldn't find my old thread! (worked out how to do THAT now!)

Btw - I WAS using a printer cable! DOH! But I'm not now.. Having said that, I messed up the settings on my old PC so much that I've been unable to log-on for three days and I've lost a lot of the will to get the transfer going. I was intending to dump all the old files to the new machine, but now I might do it a little at a time with Zips and cut out some of the rubbish..

... Or I might be tempted to one last try!


  jazzypop 00:13 23 Jan 2003

LOL - I am in no position to slap anyone's wrist. I was just trying to get things clear.

Now that you have the right 'tool for the job', you might want to try following the guidance at click here again :)

  rsturbo 03:02 23 Jan 2003

on the new machine then replace it in the old pc - job done.

or you might find the xp machine is not alowing files to transferred to it look at file rights and network settings whilst logged in as administrator. w95 is a bit of a pain to network with xp anyway, are you sure its possible using the parallel lead? check with ms or in this forum.

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