Trying to create an SVCD

  Henrik Ibsen 00:07 18 Jul 2005


I am trying use Nero 6 Express to make a copy of one of my DVDs and it keeps on asking for the DVD plug-in, which would cost me yet more money. I instead downloaded a different program called Super DVD Ripper but I just couldn't figure out the controls and don't know what to do to get help. There always seems to be some kind of complication. I have these TS, BUP, VOB files etc. sitting on my HD waiting but I haven't a clue how to proceed. Could anyone give me some kind of a tutorial?

I would prefer to make an mpeg file that is playable on my DVD player but the only option so far has been to create four discs, which seems ridiculous as I have played mpegs of a similar length before and it hasn't taken anywhere near as much space up.

Is there anyone out there with more experience that can help?

  rubella 01:39 18 Jul 2005

The below is not the best solution I have come across but it is by far the most simple. If you use SVCD you can expect large file sizes, but they are almost certain to play on your DVD player. If your DVD player will read DivX, or my current favourite XviD, they would present far better solutions. click here

  rubella 01:47 18 Jul 2005
  Henrik Ibsen 08:28 18 Jul 2005

Thanks for the help, Rubella. The only thing that worries me is whether my DVD player will be able to play DivX or XviD. I have some movie files that might actually be the same thing, but is there any way to check?

  keith-236785 10:00 18 Jul 2005

if all you want to do is make a backup of your dvd's, try dvdshrink click here

it is free software and is extremely easy to use, it also reduces the size so it fits on a standard (cheap) dvd disc.

open the prog, put your disc you want to copy in the drive, click on the "open disc" button, choose the drive the dvd is in, then simply click the "backup" button. thats it, takes about 15-20 minutes to do a dvd.

good luck.

there is also a program called dvd squeeze that does the same but i found it not as easy to use.

i am going on holiday soon and have bought a portable dvd player for the kids on the journey, i have copied all their "thomas the tank" dvd's etc and it was all done so easily. that way, if they drop them in the car, stand on them cover them in food (and they will) then all is not lost as i have the original at home.

  keith-236785 10:11 18 Jul 2005

should have said, 15-20 mins NORMALLY to do a dvd

i guess it could take longer if it is a full movie.

just remember not to do anything else on the pc while it is encoding the files.

  Henrik Ibsen 10:17 18 Jul 2005

I'd like to be able to play the DVDs, if necessary, just so that I have two copies because I may use this DVD at work (I'm a teacher), but I don't want to keep on swapping discs.

  Henrik Ibsen 10:22 18 Jul 2005

P.S. I have the popular 'Yakumo' DVD player that I got from click here here:- click here
I need to know that, if I decide to copy the DVD as advised above by rubella, it will be able to play DivX and XviD.

  Henrik Ibsen 12:32 18 Jul 2005

I'd like to try the DVD shrink software that paperman27 suggests but I don't have a DVD burner, just a CD burner, so I'm guessing that I won't be able to backup using this software.

Bascially, what I want is to create an mpeg file from VOB files etc, that will fit onto at a minimum of 3 CD-Rs.

Anybody got any ideas?

  Henrik Ibsen 12:09 19 Jul 2005

I managed to solve the problem through surfing and searching......;)

  woodchip 12:12 19 Jul 2005

If you are using Copy in Nero the it WOuld be DVD to DVD not to SVCD

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