rotormota 22:04 28 Oct 2005

I have a couple of Flash creation progs but they are dogs to get to grips with. Does anyone know of any others worth looking into?

Initially I just want to create a simple series of images fading in & out & working across the page until the last one which stays in view.


  Haol 14:51 29 Oct 2005

Have you got Macromedia Flash itself, because it may be easier doing it in that.

  De Marcus™ 17:55 29 Oct 2005

SwishMax sounds like it's perfect for your needs, you may end up falling over when you find out how much it costs though.

  kenbo61 23:36 29 Oct 2005

You need Swish ver 2 very cheap and brilliant package.
click here

  rotormota 07:39 30 Oct 2005

Thanks folks.

I have just downloaded trial Swish Max & have got a result already.

So far my movie is 4 images as seperate scenes with in/out effects but as yet all 4 pics are appearing in the same position. Do you know how I get my images to 'step' across the internet page from left to right rather than on top of each other?


  De Marcus™ 09:32 31 Oct 2005

Make sure your stage size is set to the width of the target page resolution, for example a resolution of 1024x768, would mean a stage width of 1024 x however high you need it to be (obviously not 768). Then, depending on how small or large your animations are, position each movie in it's rightful place, playing it as you go to check for inconsistency.

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