trying to capure analogue vcr

  alexander-210570 00:11 14 Dec 2005

have recently bought a dazzle 150 device to convert my collection of video films of the family to DVD but have nearly commited suicide trying to get a picture to my computer it is the most usless piece of hardwear i have had the misfortune to buy I have tried everything like removing the software diableing other parts in the computer reinstalling and still no joy this will not capture analogue from a vcr or handycam can any one help me what am i doing wrong or should i just give up I have used up all the Q&A from Pinnacle plus they wont repl on e-mail has any body else got this problem or are all doing the same as me pulling their hair out

  Sharpamatt 06:57 14 Dec 2005

to get a picture from Video you need an input device, and the software to use it.. I am unaware of what the dazzle does, however I used a TV Card and power producer to transfer mine.

By looping the signal thro the VCR to the TV Card and making sure the video is on when scanning enables the picture to get into your system.

PP can then capature and write ( after conversion ) to DVD

  oseven 10:43 14 Dec 2005

I am not sure on this but I believe the dazzle gadget is simply for converting an analogue signal to a digital signal,you still need software such as Ulead Videostudio to receive this digital signal and get it onto your computer as an AVI file which you then have to render to MPEG2 to make it usabble on a DVD player.

  Sharpamatt 13:23 14 Dec 2005

More information can be gained by sending stuf via this forum, than emails to people direct, which is not what this site is intended for.

If oseven is correct ( as I said I am not aware of Dazzle) then it will not do what you require

I see you have a TV Card so looping your VCR will not be a problem to get the video onto your system

I find Power Producer suits my needs and you can download a trial version click here

I suggest Power producer 2 because its easier to record from your TV program and then automatically converts to DVD format before writing to the disk

Each program and there are many that con do these tasks, will be better in some aspects than others.

From your email it seems you have the TV Card but need programs to first save then render whats been saved then write it to DVD which others may also have a choice of what they use

  oseven 14:21 14 Dec 2005

I agree with Sharpamatt,don't email direct as this will not help the next person that has this problem.If your problem is still not answered what is the spec. of your computer?Is it up to the task you are trying?

  Pidder 14:29 14 Dec 2005

Why do it the hard way? Why not just connect the VCR to a DVD recorder? I have done this, simplicity itself except, of course, you can't edit.

  absent 14:40 14 Dec 2005

Are you using windows XP, if so try the built in video capture software. Pinnacle software is reputed to be very unreliable, I prefer Ulead video studio. Whatever software you use configure it to capture PAL not NTSC.

  woodchip 14:51 14 Dec 2005

Ig you have XP then go to Movi Maker in programs and choose the capture device

  Stuartli 16:52 14 Dec 2005

A more recent version (2.1) of Windows Movie Maker than the XP offering can be found on Microsoft's website.

Even if you do have a computer TV card it will still need to have the required input sockets.

An example of such a PCI TV card can be found at:

click here

But if anyone is thinking of buying it, scrap the supplied not very good (for this purpose) PowerCinema software and download the TwinHan BDA drivers ( and software (Hybrid 2.61), which have at last been released.

  jimv7 17:32 14 Dec 2005

get yourself a stand alone dvd recorder, under £70, connect the video to it and copy away to dvd, you can then edit the dvd on computer, and re-burn to dvd.

  wobblymike 17:52 14 Dec 2005

You have been given a lot of advice here so here's hoping I'm not generating overload. I do a lot of recording from VCR - I use a Lifeview Video Capture card and a bought software package called Video Impression 2 - this for me is the best of all worlds. The video capture card is excellent but the software that comes with it is a bit basic - VI 2 is brilliant and captures properly synchronised video and audio which some others don't. VI 2 will work with your dazzle card no problem. You have been advised to use movie maker and while this is fine it is in my experience very basic. Hope this helps if you want any more detail post back.

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