Trying to add windows xp fax services

  heidelberg 07:30 09 Jun 2003

Very occasionally I need to send a fax, and usually do so from work. However I recently read that there is a fax service within xp components on the add/remove programmes option within the Control Panel. However I end up with the message:

"Setup cannot copy the file fxsapi.dll. Ensure that the location specified below is correct or change it and insert the Windows xp home edition SP1 CD in the drive specified."

The location specified is


This location appears to be the correct one.

I have looked at the Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 328096 which refers to the problem, but under the cause sub heading the two conditions that are specified do not exist on my computer. The resolution suggested does not appear, therefore, to be appropriate. (It is also rather a complex procedure which I do not fully understand)

Has anybody else experienced this problem and if so are there any suggestions as to how it can be resolved.

  -pops- 07:55 09 Jun 2003

I loaded the Fax service from Add/Remove Programs, Add Windows Components:

To install the Fax component
Open Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel.
Click Add/Remove Windows Components.
In the Windows Components Wizard, select the Fax Services check box, and then follow the instructions on your screen.

To open Fax after installation, click Start, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, point to Communications, and then click Fax Console.
For more information on using Fax, click Help in Fax Console.

Is this what you are doing? I'm fairly sure that I had to use the XP disk to install it.


  graham√ 09:45 09 Jun 2003

I didn't get a disk. :-( Fax installed without one.

  graham√ 09:46 09 Jun 2003

I didn't get a disk. :-( Fax installed without one.

  -pops- 09:51 09 Jun 2003

With/without disk, it was no problem to install. Was it with you, graham√?

I'm curious as to whether heidelberg is following the approved procedure which may be slightly but significantly different to the one he/she describes.


  heidelberg 09:57 09 Jun 2003


I did all that you said - several times, except that I was required to insert the Windows xp home edition SP1 CD, and not the xp CD. I have just tried to do it using the windows CD, and pointing the Windows Components Wizard at the i386 folder on the xp CD. The Fax service than appeared to install, after replacing one file with an older one (I clicked yes when prompted inadvertently!).

There is now sign of the fax, even after a reboot, when following the Start, All Programs, Accessories, Communications route. There is no sign of Fax Console.

Thanks for your help anyway. Any other suggestions?

  heidelberg 10:00 09 Jun 2003

Pops (in reply to your 2nd posting)

I am following the procedure you mentioned exacted, but it requires the SP1 CD to be inserted.


  -pops- 10:02 09 Jun 2003

The Fax console can be accessed from Start, Printers & Faxes. The Fax console should appear as a printer. In the left hand column (if you're using XP view) there should be "Send a Fax".

If that isn't there, right click on the printer icon, delete the whole thing and try again. If it still doesn't work, get back and I will look up freebie, independent fax software for you.


  heidelberg 11:14 09 Jun 2003

Thanks Pops

I'll take up your suggestion when I get home (am at work now!)


  Belatucadrus 11:28 09 Jun 2003

Alternatively you could load one of these freebies :- Cheyenne bitware click here or Callcentre click here

  -pops- 11:31 09 Jun 2003

Just noticed something a bit ambiguous in my last posting. When I said delete the printer icon, I did mean the Fax printer icon, not printers in general.

I still don't understand why it is asking for the SP1 disk, though. The Fax software is part of the original XP, not SP1 and I've installed the Fax program on more than one machine and I'm fairly certain SP1 wasn't required in any of them.

If you still have problems, have a look at click here


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