Try opening PDF on Internet but IE intrudes

  Diemmess 10:06 06 Sep 2007

I have - XP Pro, Aol, Acrobat v. 6 which had to be reinstalled a few days ago.

I can browse normally, and download PDF files.

Though I can open any PDF file that exists on my computer, when I select any website link to a PDF the screen shows a correct title bar but otherwise stays blank.

Curiously when I "publish locally" a website that I have to manage, the link opens IE which blocks any further activity until I accept unblocking and the warning that the file may damage my computer!

Some configuration is at fault here but what?

  Diemmess 17:25 06 Sep 2007

^ any ideas going about?

  skidzy 17:40 06 Sep 2007

Try Foxit click here

  Technotiger 17:54 06 Sep 2007

Perhaps Security settings in IE, or in your Firewall?

What happens if you try to download one of the Mags (Free) from click here

  Diemmess 17:56 06 Sep 2007

Have tried earlier drive backups, and the problem is not there.

I feel that using my Aol (its all I know...!!) somehow and somewhere I currently have IE as an HTML window which blocks Adobe Reader until it has delivered these cautions, which it does on my homespun website.

On the web it stops at the IE stage and leaves no prompts to continue. PDFs won't open.
Other web browsing goes ahead as normal.

Is there an opportunity somehere to make IE stay out while Aol does its thing?

  Technotiger 18:01 06 Sep 2007

Is there an opportunity somehere to make IE stay out while Aol does its thing?

Hmm, if there is, then I would expect such an option to be somewhere within AOL - though I don't and have never, use AOL so cannot advise further on that particular aspect.

  Diemmess 18:14 06 Sep 2007

Exactly, What?

No, I can't get beyond the blank screen on your link.
I still can open my website from the net, but I notice I cannot now open PDFs on this site click here

Annoying, but have have to leave this until tomorrow. perhaps no bad thing I'm starting to confuse myself!

  Technotiger 18:27 06 Sep 2007

Exactly what? - I was thinking perhaps your Security settings in IE were set too high. In any case, is this current problem something new? Maybe a System Restore back to when you could download PDF's from a web-link.

  Diemmess 19:40 06 Sep 2007

I have to go out in 5 mins, but since the defect seemed to have invaded the current restored drive, AFTRE I had copied a couple of folders from the previous AOL to the resurrected but older backup, I reasoned it had to be the way IE and Aol work with each other.

I downloaded "One click fix" and though it whizzed by very quickly it seems to have done the trick.

Will leave this and tick it tomorrow if all is well. Meanwhile thanks for all your posts.
I believe airing a problem may not provide a snappy answer, but it can set the mind in the right direction

  Diemmess 12:52 07 Sep 2007

Having tried every which-way including some fairly unlikely checks and procedures, I used Aol's Live Help

They said IE 7 was the cause. Told me how to be rid of it, saying Windows would reinstall v.6 for me.
I did, and it did, and now I can open any pdf file I come across on the web!

Perhaps PCA should do the same and get My Postings back in order. (;>)

  Technotiger 13:26 07 Sep 2007

Hmm, had you said IE7 earlier I would have suggested reverting to IE6... ah well, thanks for the feedback.

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